What I’m looking forward to.

InuYasha: Kanketsu hen.

InuYasha Kanketsu hen

Of course I’m talking about Fall anime and it should come as no surprise that InuYasha is top of my list.  InuYasha holds a fond spot in my heart, since it served as my re-introduction to anime.With the same cast and crew back for the ending to this series, I expect to love it as much as I always did.  The only problem might be finding it, since Viz has already announced they will be releasing it.  Maybe they’ll be nice and stream it like they are doing with Naruto.  InuYasha is one of their most popular titles after all.  Next on my list of interests is another manga adaptaion.

Kimi ni todoke.

Kimi ni todoke

I just started reading the manga for this a little while back and totally fell in love with Sawako.  Pretty much ostracized by her class, she starts to come out of her shell when the school’s most popular guy takes an interest in her.

I think what I like most about it, is that despite being popular, Kazehaya isn’t that flashy type of popular, he’s just as gentle as Sawako in nature and the two of them are just adorable as they fumble over their burdgeoning feelings for one another.

Darker Than Black – Comet Of Gemini.

Darker than black comet of gemini

I enjoyed the first season of Darker Than Black, so hopefully this will prove to be just as entertaining.

Tatakau Shisho (Armed Librarians) – The Book of Bantorra

Book of Bantorra

This anime is based on Ishio Yamagata’s light novels and center around the world’s most powerful librarian.  Hamutz is in charge of books that store the dead at Bantorra Library.

According to ANN.  You can find the promo’s streamed here –> Book of Bantorra gallery

Nyan Koi

Nyan koi

I may not even get around to this but the premise does sound sort of fun.  Junpei Kōsaka hates cats, he’s allergic to them, so of course his crush Kaede Mizuno adores them.  That is the least of his problem however, as he runs foul of deity of cats.  He now has to grant 100 wishes from cats, or he’ll turn into one himself.

Seiken no Katanakaji (The Sacred Blacksmith)

seiken no katanakaji

Again based on light novels, this follows Cecily Campbell as she searches for a blacksmith who can repair an old sword she inherited from her father.  The blacksmith is a mysterious young man called Luke Ainsworth and so with their meeting the adventure begins.  Oh yeah did I forget to mention a ‘devil’s contract’
Again its low on the list so I may not get around to checking it out, but it sounds like it could be fun and I liked the look of the video (see below) so I may try and make the time to check this one out.

These are just the shows I’ll be checking out, that doesn’t mean I’ll be doing episodic posts on them, but look out for my first impressions or anything about these shows that I feel the need to share with you.



18 thoughts on “What I’m looking forward to.

  1. i have yet to read or see inuyasha, I heard from lolikitsune a few years back that it was bad. i think he expressed his thoughts thothroughly on how bad it is to me once.

  2. @ Kairu What Choux said, plus I have six up there already. I don’t think I could keep track of more than that. Especially since I’ve had trouble keeping up with just 3 this summer ^-^

    @ TNH Well the manga suffered from continual pointless power upgrades and the anime also had to deal with filler eps like Naruto.

    Since the manga is now complete we shouldn’t have to deal with endless Shippo-centric filler and considering its only 26 eps long, if they want to really focus on the good parts of the manga, then hopefully that means a lot of the sword upgrading will be cut.

    Having said that, I think for me I always actually liked InuYasha for the romance aspect. Of course InuYasha’s ex constantly turning back up did get a bit old.

    But yeah, if you aren’t already a fan and don’t want to get into the end part of something you haven’t already seen you might wanna skip it.

  3. I see. Maybe I’ll watch it from the beginning next summer vacation where I feel like I can sit through a slow filler anime.

    Ironically, the fillers in Bleach (bleh, ewww) is actually better than the main story. That itself is sad. The action though, the main story is much better. Filler just killed it in terms of action, but everything else filler wins.

  4. Waiting for Fairy Tail to finally get turned into an anime this fall, Aya Hirano’s playing Lucy. Should add that to your list, I’m okay with Hirano, can’t say I’m a huge fan of her like the Haruhists and such.

    Hopefully she doesn’t kill Lucy’s role. Whoever it is, I want to hear whoever plays Titania. Erza is my absolutely favorite FT character. I went flying off the roof when she won the character Ms. Fairy Tail poll.

  5. @ TNH Gotta agree on Bleach, though mind you I may just have been sick of the Soul Society/Rukia Rescue arc, just because they repeated it so damned much over here.

    I wasn’t too keen on the whole Bount thing at first, but it actually got pretty good.

    I have to admit, I am not familiar with this “Fairy Tail”.

  6. Fairy Tail…


    Imagine One Piece except everyone is a mage who uses magic instead of devil fruit users. And instead of shooting fireballs like your typical mage in RPGs, we have mages who goes up to you and PUNCHES you.

    Like incinerate his body in flames and punch you, or move at super speed (who’s secret is actually just slowing enemie’s sense of time), summoning familiars who cares more about their date with their boyfriends than listening to her master’s call, and a blue flying cat that was born from an egg named Happy. LOL.

  7. Imagine One Piece, you say?

    I imagine emotional and moving arcs, a bunch of character development, engaging and exciting plot, plot twists that border on the unbelievable without being overly far-fetched, awesome fight scenes, incredible depth and kick-ass yet unique abilities.

    Can Fairy Tale give me that?

    Thankfully, I have read Rave Master, and it does have emotion and moving arcs, some character development, a pretty good plot, plot twists that border on the unbelievable without being overly far-fetched, awesome though slightly cliches fight scenes, a good amount of depth and slightly unique abilities.

    So that’s one point in Fairy Tale’s favor.

    But to compare a manga to One Piece… it needs to be FANTASTIC. AWESOME. In capitals. Like, when you describe it to someone, you wave your arms around like a lunatic.

    Oh, and the words Bleach and win don’t belong in the same sentence, unless it’s “Bleach fails to win at anything, including life.”

    That said, I don’t feel like dealing with a crapload of new anime series, so I’ll stick to my Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Umineko. Yay.

  8. I’m in Korea.

    With fucking faulty and crappy and reliable wireless connection.

    I’ll be back in Canada by the 5th of September, and have a wireless by the 6th.


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