Black Rock Shooter anime!?!?!

zzz Okay, so it seems to be just a short little bit of animation, but who cares? THANK YOU, GOODSMILE! And that new illustration by Huke’s awesome too.

This is for those of you who DON’T know about Black Rock shooter aka one of the most famous Hatsune Miku songs featuring a kick ass dark assassin Miku.


This drawing style makes of think of a mic between Bakemonogatari, Gurren Lagann, and Lucky star. You can see the official website here. They’re fattening up the cash cows, every single one of them…


12 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter anime!?!?!

  1. Huke! Such an amazing artist, definitely one of my favorites, I’m totally psyched to see how they’re going to pull of this anime though.

    • Yes, Miku is a program. Basically, anyone who bought the CD can use her, but only for the voices, for everything else you still have to record it the old fashioned way. In the case of Black Rock shooter, the composer and the lyricist was Ryo, who went on to Supercell, a best selling album, and that ending of Bakemonogatari.

  2. Bakemonogatari Ed and OP has been on repeat on my winamp for the past week…

    I still love it though.

    I’m a bit confused, Ryo is a person, who went to Supercell, which is a best selling album.

    Not familiar with the music industry, what exactly is Supercell and album? I thought artists just sing songs and produce them.

    • Okay, basically, Ryo bought a copy of miku and got some artist friends to make music videos for the songs that he made, which were extremely popular on Nico. So much so, that an album ended up being produced and became a best seller. The album is named Supercell, but the group consisting of Ryo, artists, and support is also called Supercell. I can’t remember who produced the album, but Miku was doing all the singing. Well, technically, it’s Ryo calibrating Miku doing all the singing. In the case of Bakemonogatari, they got this retired Nico singer Gazelle/Nagi to do the vocals.

  3. i see. so bakemonogatari is sang by a real person basically. that’s good, it’d be pathetic to learn i’ve listened to a vocaloid for a week.

  4. In case everyone doesn’t already know, the Animelo Summer Live 2009 has a Hatsune Miku part, which shows the preview for this anime at the end. It’s cam, so really LQ, but a good indication of what’s to come…the Nico source seems to have been taken down.

    Personally, I’m not going to buy a preview MV BD/DVD, unless they include nice non-digital freebies.

  5. >> Okay, so it seems to be just a short little bit of animation, but who cares?

    It’s not just a short bit of animation. It’s actually getting a proper anime in Spring ;p

    And about the ex-kyoani staff, yeah, its true. The lucky star/haruhi director will be directing the black rock shooter anime. And the studio animating it is Ordet (the one who animated Kannagi) ^^ A lot of big names are put into this anime so far, and with something as big as GSC backing it up, we can expect some really nice animation at least =3

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