“It was first love”.

Tsubasa is your typical imouto who was always in the shadow of her older sister.  I was very supportive of her since I’m practically an imouto (had an older cousin that I was very close with, we’d spend months living together every year, of course, she was taller and smarter, etc). However, despite being not really good at anything, she was a fantastic actress and a member of the theater club.

After her parents died, Tsubasa and her older sister Akiho was adopted to a distant relative’s house, it was there that they met the protagonist, Kazuki. And that’s when Tsubasa fell in love with Kazuki.

After Tsubasa’s  parents died, she was always crying, and her older sister always comforted her. She thought that it was strange, how Akiho never cried. Then one day, she went home and saw her sister crying all alone. Ever since then, she felt guilty about always having Akiho comfort her, and decided to pay her back, no matter what. So when she found out that the person she loved (Kazuki, her adoptive older brother who was really her cousin) was in love with Akiho, she decided that the only way for her to repent was to give Akiho her first love. When Akiho died suddenly at the beginning of the summer, a part of her was happy. This way, she can finally be with her brother! But the guilt of that was tearing her apart. When her sister came back as a ghost, she told herself to give up again. But this time, she couldn’t. 2

The unfortunate thing is that Her brother was also falling for her. And she couldn’t accept that. “Please go out with me…or something like that, is something that you definitely CANNOT say”. Akiho, however, had no idea that her siblings had had sex or that Tsubasa said that to her brother (after they had sex), so she tried hard to play cupid between the two of them, wanting them to be happy after she had died.

Everything changed when the class president went over to their house. She landed on top of our unfortunate protagonist in a typical harem comedy position, half naked. Of course, the class president, Ayano was actually in love with Kazuki, and Tsubasa just HAD to walk in on them. With Ayane half naked, with out protagonist reaching a hand out to her boob. Cue dramatically funny orchestra music. At that point I was pretty sure that Tsubasa was going to turn into a Yandere, but sadly, she didn’t.


Things began to go downhill for Tsubasa. Filled with thoughts of her brother, she failed all her tests at school and her food became inedible. Her inferority complex began eating away at her, and her mood worsened until she lashed out against Akiho, causing her to disappear. That only added to her guilt.

After sleeping with her brother, she thought that there’s no way that Akiho actually disappeared, no, her sister was too perfect for that. It was then that she decided to give her body to Akiho.

When Tsubasa woke up the next morning, he met Akiho in Tsubasa’s body. While he was happy that the cooking was fantastic again and that he can finally be with his girlfriend, something felt a little off, and he was always worried about Tsubasa’s mind, which was supposedly sleeping. This went on for quite a while, with “Akiho” trying hard to be happy with Kazuki and retrieving the summer that they would have spent together if she hadn’t died.

But it was all an act. Tsubasa convinced herself that Akiho was there and pretended to be her. When Kazuki finally said that she just couldn’t live on anymore. It was then that the spirit of Akiho showed up. Ironically, Tsubasa was right. Akiho WAS too perfect to actually disappear, she only made herself invisible so that she could watch over them. And then the truth was revealed: When Kazuki confessed to Akiho, it was Akiho who thought “Yes! With this he’s really mine!” With a final push from her sister (similar to the push that Tsubasa herself gave to Kazuki so he could confess to Akiho), Tsubasa and Kazuki finally got their happy ending.


I really hate it when girls have inferiority complexes. You’re yourself, why bother comparing yourself to someone else? The other person has gotta have SOMETHING that they are better at, and if you just focus on that you’re going to be depressed all your life. Seriously, I wanted to go in to the game and slap some sense into her. The other thing that bugged me was her squeaky sweet voice. It wasn’t “OHMYGAWD MYEARSAREBLEEDING”, but it was pretty bad. However, she sounded much better when she was acting.

But the drama is this story was deliciously good and while I could forsee half of the ending the moment that Tsubasa started to pretend to be Akiho, the other half was shocking to me. This wasn’t Tonoko’s path in Kanisino or Kyou’s path in Clannad, but it was pretty damn good. If only the epilogue was more satisfying this would have been a god tier story. If you’re wondering, the epilogue shows that Tsubasa is becoming more and more like Akiho, which, inmy opinion, defeats the whole point of having her be herself.

Next up is the loli. Saving the Tsundere for later.

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