“I am a god of misfortune”.

Clumsy and apologetic, Chihaya is the resident loli (who’s actually over 500 years old) and the person that cursed Akiho to her death.

She was born with a very ill body, and because her disease was contagious, she was always confined to her room. The very first friend that she had ever made was a boy who lost his ball in her yard, and she fell in love with him. Even though she’s almost constantly in pain due to her illness, for those short, brief days when the boy visited her, she was well enough to play. The very first thing that the boy showed her was a little hill on the top of the town, where they saw a beautiful, clear sky. One rainy day, he visited her, soaked. They promised to go to the hill again if the sky was clear tomorrow (the title!), but he fell with a fever and died.


The boy’s illness spread throughout the village, and despite there bring different symptoms, everyone blamed Chihaya for spreading her illness. She also blamed herself for the boy’s death, so when the villagers killed her as a sacrifice to the gods, she became a spirit of misfortune. The more the villagers hated her and feared her, the stronger her curses became, until she had become a god. That was perfectly fine with her. If she cursed a person to death, then everyone’s anger will be directed at herself, and she will be able to repent.


A miko was sent to exorcise Chihaya, but Chihaya refused the woman’s offer to send her to heaven. Instead, she asked to be sealed into the town so that people will always have something to hate. The miko obliged, but 500 years later, Chihaya woke up only to see Kazuki (the boy’s reincarnation) confessing to Akiho. She couldn’t stop herself from having negative thoughts, and Akiho died from Chihaya’s curse.

Because of that Chihaya always blamed everything on herself, and refused to be loved. She even went so far as hypnotize (a la Tsukihime) Kazuki to kill her, again, and again, because a god’s body cannot die. What she didn’t realize that the spirit of the boy never blamed her for anything, or that by trying to get Kazuki to hate her, she killed him.

The good news is that Kazuki was revived, and even though Chihaya sealed herself again, he was always waiting for her. And in the end, the lovers of 500 years finally had their happy ending.


*Sigh…The good parts of the story reminded me of Air (the cursed girl) and Code Geass (zero requiem), and the bad parts reminded me of the Mai Hime game (where your cute little imouto sealed herself between the dimensions trying to repent for killing the loved ones of every other female character in the game). I think that the writers tried too hard to get her a happy ending, and while it was cute, having something a bit more bitter would have been MUCH more emotional.

Just like with Tsubasa, I wanted to go in there and slap some sense into her! If only she had went to heaven like she was supposed to, the boy wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of reincarnating and finding her again. The sad thing is that what Chihaya had believed was true. Humans always need something to place hate on, and that is never going to change.

This one felt really short for some reason. Maybe it’s because I was too into it? The tsundere is next…

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