Circus, seriously?


Da capo II ~fall in love~

Is set to be released. This is never going to end.


7 thoughts on “Circus, seriously?

  1. I kind of miss the old days when Circus actually puts effort and originality into their stories, like Suika and Saishū Shiken Kujira

    Guess once they found the cash cow with DC, it will never let go

    • Yeah, I really enjoyed the works other than Da capo, especially that one Mai hime game…Wait, was that circus or was that alchemist? Can’t remember. Anyway, this is good for us because the more stuff they release the more fans will play it and the bigger the fanbase will get and more people will want it translated and sooner or later I’m gonna get to it.

  2. In all seriousness, though, this is probably one of the last D.C. II fandisks, as it contains the after-story content for the 6 heroines that weren’t in the original D.C. II game (so weren’t included in the first fandisk). The D.C. II main manga is also set to end in the next issue of Comptiq, another indication that the series is wrapping up. Of course, that doesn’t mean that haven’t started working on D.C. III…

    And, really, they’re going to keep on making D.C. games and fandisks as long as they’re in business, because there’s a constant turnaround of fans in the market. Some older fans will drop off, and some newer fans will pick it up. The franchise is iconic enough that it’ll do just fine. It’s like Sunrise without Gundam or something… it’s what keeps them in business.

      • Yeah, you’ve clearly underestimated them. ^^; I think there are at least 3 different D.C. II manga series (two of which ran for many years), and there were at least 3 manga series produced based on the original D.C. as well. There are also dozens of light novels, a few different social networking platforms/games, a plethora of drama and music CDs, figures and tons of character merchandise, not to mention the official Circus Fanclub which is almost entirely D.C. oriented…

        It’s not just a game series, it’s a pillar of otaku culture. And here you were thinking “they’re making *another fandisk*?” That’s not the half of it. ^^;

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