Lolicon, lolicon, lolicon


The story: Boy confesses to girl. Girl dies, comes back as a ghost, then goes to heaven and reincarnates. 10 years later the lovers meet again. The boy is now 28, the girl is now 9. They promise to be together again.

Me: What hell! What kind of freaky epilogue is that? Ugh, Palette really needs to work on their epilogues. None of them are that good and this one is the worst.

12 thoughts on “Lolicon, lolicon, lolicon

    • Brass restoration, otoboku (probably not all of this one), then Kirakira. If I have time I MIGHT be able to finish the MO stuff that I haven’t done you before school starts.

  1. what! is this a anime?…..manga?? tell me the title!!!! plzzz!!! the girl and the boy look like nice pair…romance story…..

    • This is a visual novel, the title is Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba (it’s in the tags). This is only available in Japanese and Chinese though, and there is sexual content. I’m not too sure at this point where a person would be able to get this game, but it’s not out of print yet, so you shouldn’t have problems.

  2. oww……eh novel huh… unlucky….i can’t understand chinese…..but i like the epilogue….sound sad…plz tell me the updates….what is the story really tell?

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