Moshiraba: Tamami


“I hate spirits. Because they always disappear. I also hate the living. Because, sooner or later, they will also disappear.”

Tamami is an exorcist (or ghost cutter, to use the game’s terms), a miko, a tsundere, a kouhai who’s good at cooking, and the girl who hates you because your sister’s in love with you and she’s in love with Tsubasa, your sister. Now that’s not something you see everyday.


The reason that she’s in love with Tsubasa is because Tsubasa was the only one who was really kind to her, and Tamami is really possessive of things that she cares about. The 2 of them are really close and supports each other to the fullest. There was a hint of lesbianism in there, but it wasn’t that strong. Her spiritual powers have been passed down the family for generations, and she’s the person in charge of keeping the spirits within the city calm.

These 2 traits went against her when she met Minoru, an adorable shouta surrounded by a Harem lead aura (his charisma is at Nagi level…no, he’s actually going AFTER the girls, so I suppose it’d be on Kippei levels. Those who are confused should go and read Negima and Aishiteruze baby). He proposed to her on the spot, and despite some tsuntsun moments on her part, she really liked him too. Unfortunately, the boy began to curse his father, and she saw it as her duty to cut him down, despite the fact that she can’t bring herself to hurt him.

This happened again with Kazuki. When Tsubasa forced Tamami to realize that she loved him, Tamami was willing to give up on loving both of them so that Tsubasa and Kazuki could be together. Thankfully, Tsubasa made her realize that Kazuki wouldn’t want that because he was in love with her, so Kazuki had an adorable deredere moment with her and they because lovers. And they went on to full rabu rabu modo. With her feeding him a hand made bento every day and everything.


The problem with that is Akiho still loved Kazuki, and despite being dead, she couldn’t quite let go. She became a cursed spirit herself, and asked Tamami to kill her, again. The pain and the guilt and everything compounded, Tamami killed Akiho and cut herself off from Kazuki and Tsubasa, thinking that the 2 of them hates her and that she deserves to suffer.

Of course, we got a happy ending in the end. After everything that Tama-chan went through, a bitter ending just isn’t right.


To be honest, I hated her at first. She tried to kill everything that was dead, and she was annoyingly rude to Kazuki. But the moment the shouta showed up, she went into deredere mode and I knew it was all good. One thing that bothered me about her, though, was how…eager she was at…well, you can guess. Didn’t expect that at all. This reminded me, surprisingly, of Kyou from Clannad, she couldn’t choose between the 2 people that she loved the most either. I’m happy that Tama-chan got it easier, the “love love aura” between her and Kazuki was just too cute.

The last one up is Akiho. Whew, this has been just too fast.

2 thoughts on “Moshiraba: Tamami

  1. as much as i want to play this, i lost all my chance. moving into college in 2 days, and i can’t let my dorm mate, a normal average american kid, know that i’m an otaku.

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