Can’t wait for next week

A. Because I’m leaving you guys for a trip at sunshine coast (the last thing I do before school starts, at which I will stop spamming this blog and spend all my free time translating for G-senjou again).

B. Because this is arriving.


Included in that pile is Tony’s Shining world, Tinkle’s moonlight tea party, Itou Noizi’s Souen, Itaru Hinoue’s White clover, Makoto Shinkai’s Sora no Kioku, Type moon’s concept, 3 volumes of Comickers 彩绘, Etsu, Dengeki, and a bunch of other good stuff. Yes, that green thing you see IS Hatsune Miku, in the form of an adorable bag. Also arriving is my Kagami Miku figma~

5 KG of awesomeness, courtesy of my good friend in China. Cost me a fortune, but SO worth it. It is awful trying to get this stuff in North America, artbooks cost twice what any Japanese person would have paid. All of this stuff cost me under $140. Still a huge amount for a practically broke student (that was a month of food, right there), but fantastic savings considering that Souen and Shining world alone would have cost over $100 if I had ordered it here (in Canada, where rare stuff have to be routed through the states, causing my wallet immense pain). It’s at times like this that I wish I lived in China. Though the boiling summers there and the torturous school system stops that thought in its tracks almost immediately.


4 thoughts on “Can’t wait for next week

  1. Wow, gratz on the rare buys! Tsukiyo chakai alone is one of the rarest artbooks in the 2D realm. Shining world is also a great buy. Not so impressed with Souen though since I prefer Noizi sensei’s eroge chara designs. Her shana works feel a little bland. I am waiting for the Flyable hearts visual collection. Am ambivalent about White Clover but it must be a dream come true for KEY fans.

    One point about artbooks from China though. Be careful of their pirate prints. It’s prevalent even in Singapore. In fact I saw Tinkle’s Duel dolls collection (hardcover, many pirated artbooks are hardcover when the original isn’t.) here going for 45 rmb (probably about USD 6?).

    Enjoy your goodies!

    • I actually prefer her shana works, because her eroge stuff are all…how do I say this…fluffy. Yes, that’s the word. I am not a fan of Itaru Hinoue, but the guy already bought white clovers so I though why not. Sure, the characters are cute. But that’s it. Her anatomy sucks, her coloring sucks, she doesn’t seem to understand how gravity works, her lines are all pulled, she just randomly guesses how the laws of physics works, I can go on all day (especially concerning her earlier works). My art teacher agrees with me. He thinks that Tony is really good at drawing girls, except the hips are a bit too wide and the bodies are too mature looking for the faces (his exact words). He also took one look at a picture of Fuuko and said That’s disgusting (his exact words, well, it was in Chinese, so almost exact).

      But that’s all fine, Sora no koiku and Comickers are what I’m REALLY looking forward to.

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