Thank you, world


Because apparently people from all over the world read the stuff we write here (I feel so touched, I’m sure Sakura is too). There’s a mini version of this in the sidebar.

The states dominates in the country charts, followed by Canada in a distant second, chased closely after by France, Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, and Mexico… anyway, you can get a full list by clicking on the minimap.

What surprises me, however, is the fact that I can see people from Mongolia, Taiwan, and Hong kong, but not China. No, wait, I just remembered, China banned wordpress. Che.

Anyway, THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING. Really. We’re close to half a million, so KEEP COMING! I want to pass the mark before Christmas, okay? I’m looking at you, Africa.


9 thoughts on “Thank you, world

    • I know, it’s stupid, but they did it anyway. Not as stupid as the green bay incident though…Right, you might not know. The Chinese government created this program that would censor (delete) porn from your computer and embedded the file into everything that they could think of (IE explorer, etc). Of course, Chinese nerds are legendary in their strength and rendered the 3 million yuan (might have been more, memory’s fuzzy) program useless within hours of discovery. The program has now been turned into an tsundere internet mascot that’s more famous in China than Hatsune Miku (I-I’m not censoring stuff for you, you know…blush or Why are you looking at this?! Stupid! Pervert! …under her breath:even though I’m here…You get the idea). It’s hilarious.

      And OF COURSE I read that post, I’m a reader!

      • Wow, I didn’t even know that! Do you have any link to any article related to this incident so that I may read up on it ^_^

  1. lol, thanks for the link, I am still trying to hold myself together from all the laughing….this is definite internet culture at its best….

  2. The government had to know people wouldn’t stand for it!

    This is awesome Choux, very cool to see where our visitors are from.

    I am definitely touched you all come to read our insanity.

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