H2O second impressions: this is pretty good

The first part of Hotaru’s  story wasn’t much better than that of Hayami, but it was still better. What really happened to Hotaru when she betrayed Hayami was really pretty sad, but the writers just HAD to make their reunion as dry as possible.The grandfather’s arrival felt really anticlimatic, even though they tried to explain it away as a plot point later on.


The good stuff is what happened after the time skip. It’s there that we find out what really happened when Takuma’s mother died, and there’s actually some emotion this time around. The bit about family politics was boring, but the little monologue that Hotaru has after she tells Takuma to leave her behind? Tugged at my heart strings. Both the excellent voice acting and the beautiful music added to the atmosphere, more so than the actual writing, I think. The comedy isn’t as thrown together this time (not by much though), and I have to admit Hotaru’s emergency program is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Of course, the long flashbacks and the messy tie up of plot points is still realld bad, but this time around, I actually enjoyed it. I didn’t expect that, especially since I have a thing against clumsy girls with big boobs (it took her 20 MINUTES to crack an egg, and she messed up 30 TIMES! THAT’S 10 HOURS!) But her personaliy post time skip was decent, and her little monologues were actually amusing, unlike that of Hayami, which was all about underwear. The funny thing is, just like that of Hayami, Yui was the most interesting character in her after story.

H2O first impressions: meh

0000Really, it’s meh. Great art, good music, excellent voice acting, but the plot is a complete bore. Hayami’s path is basically split into 3 parts: getting to know her, which had some potential but ended in the most boring way possible; the reunion, which was just an excuse for a h-scene anyway, with some minor plot thrown in which didn’t have any impact. There’s an after story about their life together in the city, which was another excuse to throw Hayami in a main uniform and have her and Yui have sex. The comedy is presented too suddenly and the plot doesn’t feel continuous or thought out for that matter.  I went “aww…” 2 times, that’s it. Really, if we are talking about a sad scene in front of the train, full moom wo sagashite does it with about a thousand times more emotion.

I’m seriously considering not finishing the game, which is something that I don’t like to do. I keep telling myself, if I just played the Konomi path in toheart2 and gave up I wouldn’t have found out about Yuma’s great story, and if I had just played Sumika’s path in Haruka ni aogi Uruwashino and gave up then I wouldn’t have found out how great the rest of it was. Grr…decisions, decisions!

That may be a good choice though, considering how long my backlog is. 11 games, and plus today I just read that both Tayutama and Yasuga no sora have been fully translated (into chinese though). The former doesn’t have translated menus  and the latter still doesn’t have a patch yet, but both are going to be released soon and I’m crying because I have no time. o(>﹏<)o

Oh, but I have to clarify something: the trap is made of awesome. He can put tokodoki and kyun kyun in the same sentence and get away with it and is the funniest character in the whole thing. One morning he sneaked in to our protagonist’s house, read him a romance novel which caused him to have a dream and waking up 3 mm away from giving his first kiss away to a  trap. Yes, he is awesome.

Angels and angels?


H2O was getting too repetitive (get up, moe moe moe, bullying, hints of the past, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat). So I’ve been taking the time to go through some other stuff (yes, yes, I should have been using the time to translate G-senjou and draw sepia tears, I know, I know).

First up was Haibane reimei. I’ve only watched one episode, but it’s absolutely beautiful, so I’ll take it slowly and only watch an episode at a time. I think that maybe it has the most beautiful soundtrack I’ve ever heard in an anime though, I just can’t get tired of that opening song.


The other angel (?) is from Kobato. I’ve been feeling guilty about not really keeping up with it so I went through it all today (thankfully the chapters are short), and WOW. No matter what they do CLAMP just have that charm that tugs at you and for some reason you can’t stop once you start. Now, since the back story to everything is very, VERY vague and mysterious, here’s my conspiracy theory (it’s been a long time since I wrote one, isn’t it?).

Ioryogi fell in love with an angel, but just like what happened in Wish, falling for an angel has its problems. That eventually led to the war between the other world and heaven, with the other world losing. The angel, believing by accident that Ioryogi died, wished was to go the other world, the place where the person she loved had lived. Escaping through the bridge between heaven and hell, she ended up at Yuuko’s shop.

…actually, scratch that.That’s not right at all. If I continue along this path I won’t be able to explain why Kobato can’t fall in love. Just wait, I need to re-read Wish and then I’ll come up with a proper one. This one isn’t crazy enough.

But really, Kobato is an addicting read (despite being a slice of life), and our cute and clumsy main character is the cutest thing ever! Her relationship with Fujimoto is just too adorable~ Pretty much everyone agrees that she isn’t human, but right now I don’t think my theory will work so I’m putting my money on the fact that Kobato will be a demon, instead of an angel, like most people . You know CLAMP, they never use the plot twists that you expect.

And also, the debt collector definitely has other plans. I think he’s going to be a dragon.

Artist post: Kawazu

I want to brag about my load of new artbooks, but there’s still 3 more that’s due to arrive in a month so I’ll take my time. Instead, you’re treated to a post of Kawazu AKA 雨沼 AKA OMG DUDE BRIMMING WITH TALENT. Well, could be a girl, but my womanly instincts are telling me that this one has a Y chromosome.


And, well, you really don’t get much better than this. Because this guy is much too awesome, I will refrain from voicing my thoughts and just let you appreciate the art. Continue reading

Trappy trapness


I’m enjoying H2O in blindness mode right now, though how Kohinata is treated within the classroom is really disturbing, especially in cold comparison right next to the funny antics. I’m really curious as to why she’s treated so horribly, as it was the main reason that I stopped watching the anime (I just couldn’t keep watching her getting kicked around anymore). To those of you not familiar with the game, one can turn on a blindness mode which is really low in saturation with the backgrounds blurred. This function is there because the protagonist if blind and it really adds to the atmosphere. Of course, the second time around I’m playing it in normal mode. Nothing beats color, really.

colored trap

“Iyaa…not that place…no….”

That refers to how the trap (silvered hair girl) reacted when the protagonist found out that she’s actually a HE and pushed her him down on the floor and checked for himself and then begged him to say that he’s actually a girl. Sakakibara Yui did a great job voicing her too, I’m impressed (she also did many other squeaky role, including the main girl in time leap paradise and some really serious roles, more on her later). And I LOVE how the main character is in anguish about whether or not he’s really gay (it’s like hanakimi all over again).

Nonononononono, you can’t do this to me!



……the series ends in the next chapter, which is going to be extra long and has color pages. I can’t wait for it, but I also don’t want it to be over! And the new Watanuki creeps me out, seriously. The first page of chapter 186 is almost the same as the first page of chapter 1, so I’m sure that it’s also going to end very, very soon. It’s going to feel so empty without that happy feeling of checking for Clamp’s newest work every week…

By the way, Aoishiro (visual novel with an all girl cast, yes, ALL. Not kind of all like Otoboku, the main character is a real girl, not a trap) is out with a full translation. I’m probably not going to bother with it because I have too much in my backlog already and I’m sick and feeling unmotivated (please don’t let it be swine flu….)