a brief note on Fap Note: Kurosawa of the Rebellion

wwwwww I mean OMK.

If this were animated, it’d be voiced by…

Kurosawa – The obvious choice is Fukuyama Jun (for some reason Kira Mamoru just doesn’t sound right here), but maybe there’s a more interesting choice?
Takagawa – Horie Yui. This choice is kind of cliche genki girl with bad past, a sort of lesser Minorin. Another choice is Katou Emiri. うふふふふふ
KitaharaTakaba Ai (would be interested in her sadistic voice). I was thinking maybe Mizuki Nana…just because…but I’ve never heard Nana’s quiet yet slightly higher voice (compared to Fate and Touma): this makes me want to listen to Itazura na Kiss.
Nagaoka – Shiraishi Minoru (the other obvious choice is Yoshino Hiroyuki, who does good at the random friend). Shiraishi’s kind of husky voice I think would suit his inner afro.
Suguwa – An obvious choice is Yukino Satsuki, but I was thinking even maybe Hirano Aya would work here. Michiko Neya, would be nice too.
Kurosawa no imouto – kyonkundenwa?

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