I really want to read Kirakira, but the reason that I haven’t read it, actually, one of the main reasons that I have read NONE of mangagamer’s games, is this.


The text is horrible. I’m not saying that the font is ugly (of course, it obviously is), but that the font is simply too thin and can’t be read properly. In order to read with relative comfort, there is a need to darken the text box. That’s fine in games like Shuffle, but not for Kirakira, which uses the entire screen. This is a visual novel, the VISUAL part is important!


Now, notice Fate/Hollow Antaraxia. The text box of the two games are around the same in terms of darkness, but F/HA uses larger words with a thicker font and a border, which makes it amazingly easier to read. Can Kirakira use a bigger font? Yes, it’s not like there’s no room. Can they use a different font? Yes, it’s EASY. Hey, if Shuffle can have a font hack, why can’t Kirakira? Please, someone, help me with getting a font patch? Please?


7 thoughts on “Please?

  1. There’s a way of patching the text for Kira Kira. I don’t know how to, but I’ve heard about it. Try asking about it on JAST USA forums, Akiba-Ch Mangagamer forums, or /jp/.

  2. This website is currently the top Google hit for Kirakira font patch. The link provided in the comments is dead. Now it’s my turn to beg. Please, PLEASE post a mirror for this patch.

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