Kyōkai no Rinne – Rivals


So the story is plodding along at quite a sedate pace, but we finally have some rivalry going!


Though neither seem to be of Naraku standard, more Kouga-like. The Vampiric Masato does indeed seem to hate Rinne-kun, but his evil plot never really reached the insidious levels that poor InuYasha had to deal with.

As if it wasn’t enough to deal with someone who wishes him ill he now has a rival in love as Tsubasa, a boy from Sakura’s past professes his love for her.

Again not really much of a threat to Rinne, since so far there hasn’t seemed to be too much romantic interest on his part anyway. Plus Sakura doesn’t even seem to remember the poor fellow, so there seems like there is little interest on her part too.

Its kind of funny that both Sakura and Rinne are so laid back about things, considering how volatile InuYasha and Kagome’s relationship was.

In any case its going to be fun seeing how things develop with both new arrivals 🙂


53 thoughts on “Kyōkai no Rinne – Rivals

  1. Masato’s plans and his execution of them did have several serious flaws, but the consequences would have been serious enough. (I wonder how many more kinds or parts or areas of Hell he’s going to introduce us to in the course of trying to trap Rinne permanently in one or another of them. . . .)

    And Tsubasa could easily be (or become) to Rinne what Ryoga was/is to Ranma . . . but with a competitive flaw (daydreaming and thinking you’ve told people out loud what you only dreamt) courtesy of Godai! The basis of the rivalry is kind of inside-out, though, in that Tsubasa knew Sakura before either of them had met Rinne . . . so the “professional” element of the rivalry (spirit-sight and spirit-fighting) predates the romantic element.

    It might even be that the professional rivalry between the guys helps push Rinne into more of a romantic position with Sakura. (At least as seen by our favorite assistance-minded airheads Miho and Rika — and soon enough, thanks to them, by the rest of the class too. Though I wonder . . . did Miho-chan seem particularly intrigued by the new boy?)

    And I do think that Sakura remembered Tsubasa — a little, maybe even somewhat — but certainly not as much as he remembered her. (See how inconvenient it can be to have evn one parent on the scene? . . .) And BTW, unlike Viz’s chief bloggers, I’d bet Takahashi-sensei knew exactly what she was doing when she did the dialogue that made the key pun so conveniently translatable! (Ore da/Oreda-kun ==> It’s me/Itsumi-kun. . . :] . . .)

    But the next development may be “professional” — if Rinne insists on following up on his idea that Sakura could be a fine shinigami with a little training. (OTOH, you don’t suppose Tsubasa might get in the way of that at all, do you? . . . :] . . .)

    Ooh — and now we have someone who can raise a ruckus if, when they finally tear down the school clubhouse building, there’s any suggestion of Rinne moving in with Sakura! . . . 😀

  2. Just so you know the score — Chapter 20 is up . . . and ‘shipping. . . .

    And, though next week we will see Chapter 21, there’ll be a week skipped before Chapter 22 is up at the very end of the month. Respect-for-the-Aged Day is Monday 9/21 this year, the Autumnal Equinox is Wednesday the 23rd, and so a national people’s holiday has been declared for Tuesday the 22nd.

    And the new adventures of Inuyasha premiere October 3 on Nihon TV in eastern Japan and October 5 (well, late enough to be the 6th but who’s counting?) on Yomiuri TV in western Japan. . . .

  3. From Shôgakukan/Web Sunday’s “next issue” page for Shônen Sunday,

    りんね&犬夜叉 NEWるーみっくわーるど

    『犬夜叉完結編』放送開始&『境界のRINNE』1・2巻同時発売を記念して、総計200名様へのスペシャルプレゼントキャンペーンを実施!! るーみっくファン歓喜の気になるその賞品を見逃すな! さらにサンデー読者だけに贈るSPプレゼントもある!! 2009年秋は、るーみっくわーるどがスゴイ!!

    Or, if my quick translation is accurate:

    We have a special present to be given only to [Shônen] Sunday readers!!
    Special news[/A special announcement] of a new Rumic World [promotional?] campaign for the debuts of Rinne & Inuyasha!!

    To mark the start of the broadcast of the Inuyasha kanketsuhen series and the simultaneous release for sale of volumes 1 and 2 of Kyôkai no Rinne, we are(/will be) implementing a [promotional?] campaign of special presents for a total of 200 people!! No Rumic fan will want to miss(/overlook/pass up) these prizes! And on top of that, there will be a special present given only to [Shônen] Sunday readers!! Autumn 2009 in the Rumic World is incredible!!

    Oh, yeah — the page also does confirm that KnR will be in that next issue (#44, due out in . . . alas . . . two weeks). But while that’s good to know, it pales worse than Usui-kun beside the apparent extra-bold headline news that Japan will be a whole published volume(/graphic novel) ahead.

  4. Guess what? Japan is getting two volumes at once! . . . even if Viz won’t say so, Amazon/Japan confirms it!

    You can see for yourself — even if you don’t have confidence in your Japanese. Google “Amazon Japan”. The first result will be the site in Japanese; the second is “ In English: In English // Find, shop for and buy In English at”

    The second link leads to a page with some Japanese still, but a lot of English — including in the pull-down menu at the top. It starts out saying “All Departments”. Can we make it say “Books”? Ooh — we can make it say “Japanese Books”! (“English Books” is the next choice down.) We’re here looking for the Japanese editions of Rinne, so let’s select “Japanese Books” and input “Rinne” (or “rinne”; it’s case-insensitive, reasonably enough) and see what we get. . . .

    We get 36 results, 12 at a time. But what are the first two?

    1. [no image] 境界のRINNE 1 by 高橋 留美子 (コミック – 2009/10/16)
    Buy new: ¥ 420
    Available for Pre-order
    Free Shipping on orders over ¥1,500. All Books ship for free.

    2. [no image]
    境界のRINNE 2 by 高橋 留美子 (コミック – 2009/10/16)
    Buy new: ¥ 420
    Available for Pre-order
    Free Shipping on orders over ¥1,500. All Books ship for free.

    And if you follow the links, you can get the ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) for each volume. (You get two for each because the ISBN system is switching from 10 to 13 digits.)

    境界のRINNE 1
    10 digits: 4091217737
    13 digits: 978-4091217738

    境界のRINNE 2
    10 digits: 4091217745
    13 digits: 978-4091217745

    Now, I don’t know if your local independent bookstore can get these volumes the way they’re ordering Volume 1 of the English edition for you. And I don’t know how much of a premium you might pay over that list price (a bit over $4.50 each at today’s exchange rate).

    But if enough of us ask now — while there’s an extra reason for us to be, well, not outraged necessarily; let’s just say vociferous — then maybe it will at least do some good for the future. If the bookstores ask their distributors why they don’t have these books, and the distributors pass the stores’ complaints back up to the publisher, maybe Shôgakukan will have a word with Viz. And it might even come to pass that they’ll both have some more encouraging words for us hereafter. (And earlier on in the process, too!)

  5. News — from the “News” page at WebSunday:


    『犬夜叉 完結編』アニメ放送開始と、『境界のRINNNE』コミックス1・2巻同時発売決定を祝して、『境界のRINNE』+『犬夜叉 完結編』特製図書カードを読者のみんなにプレゼント♪ この激レア図書カードは、ただ今発売中の少年サンデー44号を読んでくれた人だけが応募できるぞ!!

    My quick-and-dirty translation says 100 selected readers will get specially-made Rinne + Inuyasha “book cards” (like gift certificates for books). You can see an image of the card at the news page. (Looks like it’ll be good for ¥500 worth of books. What’s it worth in and of itself? Who knows? . . . :] . . .)

    But only readers of issue #44 of Shônen Sunday will be able to apply, the page adds. Instructions? Entry form? Again, who knows?

  6. I’ve heard that the issue has, not a form, but instructions — to send in a postcard with your address, name, age, gender, year in school, and phone number by October 14th. The general address is the usual one for Shōgakukan:

    Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Hitotsubashi 2-3-1

    Where it gets more specific is the instruction to tack onto that address the following line or two:

    Shōnen Sunday #44
    “RINNE & Inuyasha Kanketsuhen Tokusei Tosho Kādo”-gakari

    Winners will be announced November 4 in issue #49.

    (So, Sakura, how much do you want a special present?)

  7. You could still apply. If you want to write the address in Japanese (or copy-and-paste and print it first), here it is:

    〒119-0141 東京都千代田区一ツ橋2-3-1 小学館

  8. Following a Viz blog commenter’s tip over to Simon & Schuster, I found that (according to current plans, at least) RIN-NE Volume 2 is due out January 19, 2010 and RIN-NE Volume 3 on April 20, 2010. (Both still listing at $9.99, BTW.)

  9. @ John Ooh I guess that isn’t too long to wait.

    Sorry there has been little posting or replying to comments on my part.

    Been recovering from surgery and I just haven’t much felt like posting while I deal with some of the emotional repercussions regarding said surgery.

    But at least that release schedule gives me something to look forward to.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ve been pretty well behaved while recovering, since no-one will let me do a damn thing!

      I’m pretty much there I think, my post op went well, gotta keep taking the pills they gave me and I have another test mid to late november.

      I’m so nervous about that and also not looking forward to it since the damn thing is so painful. I’m hoping for the all clear, if not back to the operating table we go.

      But the doctor hasn’t given up on us yet so that’s good, maybe if we can get through all these hurdles I can have a kid 🙂

  10. @ John, I do too!!!!!!

    I seriously need to make a fresh new post on the manga.

    Unfortunately I am currently recovering from a second surgery. Hopefully this will be the last one!

    One more month of hormone therapy to heal everything up and then they’ll probably to a re-test to check and see.

    I really hope we got it all this time! The doc seems to think she did, hopefully she’s right.

    It appears the adhesions they found on the re-test were just left in there from the first time and they weren’t new ones that grew back after the first surgery.

    So if she thinks she got everything, then when they re-test there should for sure be nothing left there!

    At least I damn well hope so.

  11. Well, first of all, continued best wishes to you.

    And now . . . some speculation and some news.

    * [=======] *

    The story in Chapter 31 followed our human trio — but lost track of Rokumon-chan. I’m curious about what he’s doing.

    We already know he can change shape somewhat. Maybe he’s looking a bit more like a “normal” damashigami and trying to work from inside. (Could he be trying to spread that “id’s nod so bad” spirit? )

    (OTOH, he did fall right along with Sakura-chan and Tsubasa-kun. Maybe something at Damashigami Company HQ neutralizes his powers? Or, as a friend suggests, maybe he’s gone to fetch Tamako-sama. Just one thing, though: if so, does that mean she’ll catch the spirit-flu, too?)

    Oh, well, maybe we’ll see tomorrow. . . .

    * [=======] *

    BUT —

    I just peeked at WebSunday’s “Next Issue” page . . .

    hoping to confirm that KnR will be in that next issue. And it will be. BUT —

    It also says the next issue will be a combined #4 and #5. (As this week’s current/about-to-be-previous issue is #2 and #3.) And it says #4/#5 will be on sale December 22!

    Putting that in terms of chapters . . . Chapter 32 should be out tomorrow; it’s the following episode (Chapter 33) which looks to be delayed by a skip week.

    Either way you say it, it sounds as though we’re going to have to do without our fix of fresh new KnR next week. (For that matter, we may have to do it again in the week between Christmas and New Year’s — now that’s what I call going cold turkey! — though the Webpage didn’t offer a schedule for issue #6, when presumably we get to see Chapter 34.)

    Well, maybe we’ll just have to fill the time with extra speculation. . . .

    * [=======] *

    Actually, one caveat: the WebSunday page says the next issue (#4/#5, with KnR Chapter 33) will be out on sale on Wednesday, December 22. According to my calendar, December 22 is a Tuesday. But I suspect what happened there is that Wednesday was a didn’t-re-type-o, and Tuesday 12/22 will be the publication date. Why? Because December 23 is a national holiday — the Emperor’s Birthday.

    Now . . . if Shôgakukan does publish Shônen Sunday early, will Viz have its translation ready to post on Tuesday? Dunno — they might like an earlier breakaway to the holidays here, too. . . .

    * [=======] *

    Arguably better news: I just popped over to Viz’s blog to see if anybody had announced anything about issue schedules lately . . . and I didn’t find anything much about that — but I did find this comment from the company’s Mike Montesa:

    Posted Dec 7, 02:21 PM by Mike
    @Eric – RIN-NE volume 2 will be released in January, 2010. Not much longer!

    So maybe the plan — such as it is — is to have us one volume behind . . . neither more nor less, as Humpty Dumpty might have put it.

  12. Hmm not sure I like that plan, but I guess if it isn’t too far behind then I can live with it.

    Thanks for the good wishes 🙂 Follow-up visit went well, as I thought I have to go for testing again in January, but the doctor is really confidant we have the problem all sorted out.

    Best Christmas present EVER! Maybe I’ll be able to talk hubby into a trip to Matsuchan for some curry ramen to celebrate.

    I hope you had a good Christmas John.

  13. I did, thank you! . . . relatives and an, um, animated friend I met at the Rumic World discussion board.

    And I had just about enough time to recover from the visit before getting back in the swing of things for the new year — including (finally!) a new episode of KnR this week.

  14. If your mood is in need of lifting, you might peek over at Chapter 34. Yep — it’s finally the day for a new episode in Rinne’s life . . . and it may be a fateful day for him. And your other namesake. But I can almost guarantee that it’ll be a funny one for you. . . .

  15. (Actually, my first comment upon reading the end of the chapter — after I’d gotten back up off the floor — was: “We now have a new candidate for WORST . . . LAST . . . LINE . . . PREDICTION . . . *E*V*E*R*!*”)

  16. There was another gap (*sigh*) — but it’s over, and the romantic plot-space has thickened considerably. (And without even Masato to clog it up with wads of cash to support his next scheme for revenge, yet! . . .)

    You two might enjoy peeking in at KnR again one of these days soon. (I’m also interested in hearing what you think of the quality of their new graphic-posting process/system. . . .)

  17. I did get caught up a little while ago, but I do need to go back and take a look-see.

    Manga and what not has sort of been on the back burner of late while I deal with real life once again.

    Surgery was successful and we managed to get pregnant on our second try. But its been touch and go from the start and the little bean has proved the doctors wrong twice now.

    However I don’t think third time is going to be the charm. The doctor says there is a slight chance, but doesn’t want us to get our hopes up. She feels we definitely should have been able to see a heartbeat at our last ultrasound, which we didn’t.

    We’ll do a repeat ultrasound next Friday, so its back yet again to tortuous waiting for hubby and I. But considering my diminishing symptoms I tend to concur with her diagnosis.

    In some ways this loss is more gut wrenching than the first one, because after losing the first one, we wanted this one so much more.

    She did say that now we had conceived again our chances of conception raise from 60% to 80%, but at the moment that feels like little comfort.

    Also while its nice she feels that getting pregnant won’t be as much of an issue as we thought it was going to be. What good does that do me if I can’t stay pregnant?

    They are at least going to do testing this time if they are able to. Hopefully that will give us some answers and options for preventing another loss.

    I was seen at U of M for my last one and they refuse to do any testing until I’ve had 3 losses!!!!! Which was probably never going to happen since the doctor there caused the condition which was making conception near impossible.

    I’m now being seen by an RE through Oakwood. After 2 foul ups with my healthcare, I wasn’t about to give the doctors at U of M another chance to do something wrong.

    Sorry for the bitter rant, but I guess this whole situation is just bringing up old wounds.

    It probably won’t officially be over til next Friday, but I know in my heart that it is and being angry is helping me keep it together until then.

  18. Today’s Chapter 48 will eventually round out Volume V — for now, it just rounds out a short arc which seems to have involved yet another young man who was enamored of Sakura. I hope you got to enjoy it. . . .

    • Still here!

      I’m just a VERY bad blogger! Though I sometimes post something on the CI Twitter which you guys can read on the blogs sidebar.

      Decided if being disgustingly healthy wasn’t good enough, that maybe being SUPER disgustingly healthy would be better.

      So hubby and I did a 90 intensive work out program.

      I’m now down another pant size and 12 pounds. Definitely a whole bunch leaner 🙂

      So hopefully that bodes well for our future. I managed to find a study at the University I work for, which means free fertility help for 5 tries 🙂

      So RL got to me again!!!

      I’m almost ready to start the study, which means cutting back on the exercise, so I should have more leisure time here soon 🙂

      I actually got all of Thanksgiving week off, so I shall be trying to catch up on everything, in between baking and test baking.

      Cross your fingers folks that my gingerbread recipe can be convert to gluten free, or a very sad Sakura I will be!

      As for KnR, well it wouldn’t be a Takahashi manga without love confusion 🙂 I think that’s why I love her mangas so much, its all that romantic drama! And of course all the ensuing, hilarity from all the romantic dilemmas.

      Take InuYasha, I honestly think if he hadn’t ended up with Kagome I would have lost it. Then I felt cheated, since we never got to see even a kiss between them. Well except for non-canon anime, so I’m not sure if that really counts!

      Though there were times I just got tired of the Triangle and wished the next time Kikyou fell off a cliff she just would’ve stayed gone.

      But on the whole I enjoyed the added tension Kikyou brought to the budding relationship brewing between InuYasha and Kagome.

  19. I just Googled “gluten-free gingerbread” . . . and it says there are about 112,000 results. Somewhere in among them, I feel sure, you can find some hints on how to do it with your recipe. (And continued good luck and good health otherwise to you!)

    But back to the subject at hand. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t put it past Takahashi-sensei to throw a little bit of Koga into Shoma-kun’s mix . . . or even Kentaro with some of Yagami’s chutzpah (I am first and foremost an MI fan, after all). But there is plenty of room for more sides and angles in the KnR-gon. . . .

  20. There are lots of similar recipes, so I’m hoping that it will work just by switching out the regular flour for gluten free and adding the right amount of xantham gum to help everything stick. It might need an extra egg, but we’ll see.

    I’m sure Takahashi-sensei still has plenty of angles up her sleeve! 🙂

  21. Absolutely! I’m also still waiting for that rumored InuYasha one-shot that was supposed to happen.

    I swear I read somewhere she was going to do one. I wondered if we’d find out what happened to Kouga.

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