Why do you do this to me, Sunrise?

Gundam is gundam because of the giant robots and the pretty boys that most fangirls think are gay.


THAT is not pretty. And from the looks of things, Sunrise STILL haven’t gotten their sense of fashion straightened. I cringed at Audrey Hepburn Burne, it’s like the character designer was stuck in the 60’s or something. Sigh…and I was SO looking forward to this too…I want my pretty boys…


14 thoughts on “Why do you do this to me, Sunrise?

  1. LOL. But you know, maybe that’s just not a good angle. some people look better from the side, or when they’re running and piloting mechas and stuff. You won’t really know until you see him animated..

  2. Well since its UC I expected a little bit of a retro look, old school isn’t always bad, I still think Hikaru from SDF Macross is cute and that is old! (Though hime and Michel-kun totally beat him, sorry Hikaru but Alto is just so damned pretty.)

    I caught a look at the trailer a little while ago so I wasn’t too surprised by it. Its hard to judge from a static picture, it might not look so bad animated. I remember not being too enthused with the way the 00 guys looked and from the first ep wasn’t bothered by it at all. (Still upset Neil had to die though, he was my fave. Lyle is just a twot.)

    Besides the Meisters of 00 would be hard to beat in the pretty department anyway XD

  3. Pretty boys that fangirls think are gay is recent thing in Gundam, starting with Wing. Fangirls think everything is gay, but you really can’t make a case for Amuro being a bishi.

    There’s far more Gundam material LACKING them. Just go rewatch Wing, GSD, or 00. Let the rest of us just enjoy Gundam’s return to emphasis on nice mechanical designs and [hopefully] solid writing.

  4. //I want my pretty boys…

    First of, he’s good looking enough. But that’s not what you what you want, you want someone who looks like a homosexual.
    Second of all, this is UC, it’s not meant for fat yaoi paddle whales like you.

    Go shlick to your yaoi and stfu.

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