emergency 2

In H2O ~footprints in the sand~, there is an emergency button. when I pressed it, the above image popped up.

To those of you not familiar with the button, some eroges have it so that if someone walks in on you playing an eroge, you can press the button and the window will look like something else. In the case of Fosette, the game disguises itself as a notepad document. But in H2O…



Well, let’s just forget about that.

Anyway, I find it to be amusing because this emergency button is meant to save face, but within H2O’s various random emergency images, there are many that are NSFW and many that are outright strange (bugs attacking cities, a boob, a random picture of 2 touhou characters). From the looks of things, I think it might be better for a guy to be caught with an eroge than one of the emergency images, of course, since I’m not a guy that’s just more lulz for me.

I’ve heard some mixed opinions about the plot of this game, but since everyone agrees it’s better than the anime, the art is pretty, and there’s trap in it, well, it can’t hurt to go through it, I guess.


8 thoughts on “Emergency!?!?

  1. I’d start laughing uncontrollably if Muscle Busters came up, and I wouldn’t even notice the awkward glances from everyone that sees it. I’ll stick to my standard dating sim interface, thank you 😛

  2. *_* Is there any more information about this game?! Yes I am serious!! Muscles and anime is such a turn on!!! Kinda LOL moments… but there is a niche for people who appreciate this.. ^^

  3. Yea, I have come to the conclusion that alt tab is probably a safer bet than anything Makura compiled for the emergency button… LOL

    Seems better than the anime thus far, but the comedy is a real hit or miss for me.

  4. That (with the old man) is arguably the funniest damn picture ever, given the context of being the emergency disguise image. It’s as if the game programmers wanted to deliberately frak with gamers dumb enough to get caught playing it.

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