Sharin no Kuni patch?!?!


Take my word for it, one of the BEST EROGES EVER. Made by the same AK2, the company that did G-senjou, but Sharin no Kuni is much better in my opinion (story wise, at least). An unofficial patch for chapter 1 and 2 are out now. Thanks to the people at TLwiki. This patch will contain the entirety of Sachi’s story (aside from the epilogue). Those who have played G-Senjou should be familiar with the format. I can gush about this all day, but there really isn’t a point in doing that. Go and see for yourself why this is such a beloved game.


24 thoughts on “Sharin no Kuni patch?!?!

    • For me, Kanisino still holds a dear place in my heart, so I can’t be like you. It’s actually rarer to find galge than eroge, and I don’t care either way, so it’s mostly eroge for me.

      • Another great game! Massive storyline containing very different scenarios. Miyabi is one of the first loli I liked a lot with her middle finger bombs. I wonder if the simplified Chinese patch is better than the Future-Digi version. I’m really not liking Cross Channel and need t o find excuse to revisit previous games…. I wonder why no one bothered to translate it yet; it’s one of the best upbeat, pure-love eroge out there.

        I meant that many of the best stories stem from all age games from KID, Kagodo, and 07thExpansion (as well as Clannad and Tsukihime).

  1. Wow, we might actually be able to see a fully translated Sharin no Kuni by the end of this year or early next year, this is indeed good news for the english community, spread the love of this game 🙂

    Oh yea, Choux, is it true that Snow Plus is fully translated in Chinese? This one completely slipped under the radar for me:

    I am kind of confused…did they release a patch or did they hardcoded it into the game disk itself…?

    • Ah, my bad, the post’s title 全汉化 is rather misleading, on second look, it looks like the same incomplete patch from a year ago…(only 4 routes are translated, I think..)

      • I know! I guess a translated menu and text counts as fully translated, kinda…looking forward to it though, even if people complain that it’s too much like Kanon (not that big of a fan of Kanon myself, so no complaints).

    • You can’t quite anything that you’ve never started.

      But let me just say that you’re different from any guy I’ve ever met (of course, the last guy I met who talked about eroges was comparing the h-scenes in Fate stay night to seafood, so I guess it’s not that fair…) I don’t know, too many eroges are making me think that all men are sex depraved maniacs (DEFINITELY the feeling that I get from Fate stay night and cross channel). Sorry, that might have came out wrong, school’s making my head messed up.

  2. @Shinkenshi: I don’t know if the patch is better, but I find reading traditional to be annoying so that was the patch I used. Peach princess was having a poll that asked people whether or not they wanted it, but I don’t know if they are seriously thinking about picking it up. I think that the main school is pure love, but the side school isn’t, which is quite a tragedy.

    I have to disagree with you on that second part, Tsukihime wasn’t for all ages, and I have a personal grudge against Kagodo (I can’t understand why everyone likes Symphonic rain so much). KID is really hit or miss for me (Take MO for instance, Yukihonta was amazing, Encore was a bore. Ditto for the infinity series, Ever17’s fantastic, remember11 makes my head hurt. Don’t make me get started on Yume no tsubasa or Separate hearts).

    I tend to go for the mysteries myself (I mean Cartagra type mysteries, not Separate hearts type mysteries), which means I agree with you wholeheartedly on 07th expansion being awesome.

    …why won’t wordpress let me post this as a reply? That’s weird.

  3. Probably because the original comment got replied like 3 or 4 times lol

    I did say Kanisino includes a variety of genre. It just happen that I find the main school routes more to my liking. In any case, there is definitely enough quality school-love affair to label it as one of the best pure-love eroge available, but then again I have a pretty broad definition of pure-love… basically anything not by Innocent Grey or Nitro+ lol

    Well, I guess Tsukihime can be considered an eroge, with all 4 of its glorious 18x CGs. When I mentioned those names, I was thinking mostly Symphonic Rain, Ever17, Higurashi, and Clannad. Not all of them are high up in my list, but I can see the characteristics that would make them many people’s favorite. I know quite a few people liked their other works as well, which is why I mentioned companies instead of names.

    Personally, I find Symphonic Rain to be a decent slice-of-life story with a very classy presentation. In fact, I wrote a review about it a while back:

    Surprisingly, H2O turned out to be pretty funny but way too much moe. In either case, it definitely turned out better than the impression I got from the first a few hours of the game and the anime.

    … and damn this avatar is ugly; didn’t think I’d reply enough times to care but guess I was wrong….

    • lol@ your pure love definition. I would rate it lower that you did because the event CGs didn’t have the same amount of care as the character CGs got, and the first 3 routes were kind of blah. I think my problem was that I played it based on a person reviewing it and praising it to death, and it’s really (like you said) meant to be taken slowly and not too seriously. I really wish there was more music though, it’s basiczlly just 5 or 6 songs and remixes.

      Moe, huh? I guess I’ll watch Haibane Remei afterward to balance my palette then.

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