And they say it’s just the Chinese…


Don’t you DARE try to say that this doesn’t look like it was ripped from Ef. The uniforms are similar, and that girl on the top left hand corner looks to be practically a carbon copy of Mizuki. PLUS, it’s advertising how it’s told from 5 different perspectives with 5 different pairings, those familiar with EF should see where I’m going with this.


And there’s more. Not only does this look like a scene straight out of Ef, with Mizuki meeting Kei, this looks suspiciously like xenosaga… And on top of that, the Main character, Canon, REALLY reminds me of Haru from G-senjou (and what do you know? This is ALSO a mystery/romance set in winter).

…Is this really a problem, or did I just play too much and went overboard?

The Chinese translation is thanks to the people at Sumisora. O mean the magazine translation, not the game translation (there is NO game translation).


10 thoughts on “And they say it’s just the Chinese…

    • She’s supposed to be a magical girl, broom and all…I think…No, wait, that’s the OTHER character. She’s the mysterious transfer student who attacks the main character on their first meeting, almost kills him, then realizes she made a mistake and started to live with him. Her attack power’s really strong but she’s really unlucky…

  1. Why are the Chinese doing this? No one is fooled…at least they changed the characters’ poses somewhat.

    “That can’t be Mizuki–she has a ponytail.”

  2. @mefloraine: No, that’s the thing. This is a Japanese product. You can tell if you spot the hiragana, which is exclusively Japanese written language. It’s no longer just the Chinese, now Japanese are ripping off of other Japanese. With all the insane and idiotic premises that manage to get made into successful games and shows in Japan, ripping off someone else’ work instead of inventing your own crazy half-baked idea just shows that you have zero imagination.

  3. Oh, I completely missed the point (and didn’t look at the hiragana). That’s…even worse.
    I mean, if you can get kicked out of school for plagiarism (in America at least, I don’t know about Japanese laws), why can you get away with that?

    • You can get kicked out of school in Asia too, but I’d think that North America is more relaxed in that respect. You can get away from that because in the end it’s 2 different games with different stories and different characters. Google can’t sue Microsoft for introducing Bing, right? Besides, this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened (not just in games either, have you seen Kayne west’s music video for stronger? It’s ripped from Akira), if Minori’s stupid, they’ll sue for copyright infringement, but that’d just be a waste of money on their part, they won’t win unless the story’s really smiliar, and I don’t really think it will be.

  4. Not only that, but you also have to remember that business isn’t always just about winning or losing. Realistically, even if they win the lawsuit, Disabel (apparently it’s the company that made that game, goes to show how big it is, the fact that it had to be googled…) wouldn’t even have the money to pay the attorneys, much less any reparation fees. It’d be a lose-lose for both of them. Plus, the game is released much later than Ef and Xen series, so it’s not like there’s a conflict of interest.

    The story seems quite a bit different. Seems to be more undercover majou shoujo in school (reminds me of mai hime for some weird reason).

  5. That’s a good point. I really shouldn’t make comments when my brain is turned off, but on the other hand…I just think it’s a little crazy that things like that can happen without any sort of consequence.

    But ah well, the art looks a little nicer on Ef than the other one. I wonder if the series quality will at least be good.

  6. Hmm I looked it up on EGS a few days ago, and the score isn’t very favorable (around 50 or 60). The review I read said that the 5 perspective thing is basically a gimmick and that the only choices you can make is during the H scenes, none of which matters to the overall storyline.

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