Sasuke Chapter 464

Sasuke chapter 464

Well, the manga might as well be called Sasuke at this point. So that mysterious shadow we saw behind Sasuke earlier, turns out to be the power of Susanoo, which Sasuke seems to have inherited from our dear departed Itachi.

Naruto is probably still mulling over his visit from the creepy Madara, who tells him that Sasuke is pretty much past saving, since he’s now vengeance personified.

Apparently it is the destiny of Naruto and Sasuke to beat the holy crap out of each other, just as the Uchiha and Senju fought in the past, so it will come to pass again. At least that is how Madara sees it, he’s quite mad, so not sure if we can trust his warped view on things.

Although Sasuke certainly seems to be in agreement with him on the whole, death and destruction aspect of the situation at hand.

Gaara tries to talk some sense into the Uchiha, but he’s long past caring at the moment it seems. Even though he was just getting his ass handed to him by the Raikage and until Gaara stepped in to help him, things looked dicey for our emo prince.

Sakura has yet to catch up to Naruto to relay the news that while he may not have given up on his brother in arms, the rest of their buddies have. Maybe Kishimoto will get to that next, week, or maybe next month, or maybe whenever.

Has Sasuke reached the point of no return finally or will Naruto be able to get him to see sense.

Something is gonna have to give, that’s for sure. Maybe the Uchiha will be satisfied with Danzou’s death. That certainly works in favor for him and Konoha…

Yeah I like that plan, that would make Kakashi-sensei Hokage. Yep that seems like the best course of action to me.


48 thoughts on “Sasuke Chapter 464

  1. unfortunately that won’t happen. despite all it is, Kakashi’s skill is still gonna to be probably the weakest of all 5 Kage if he does indeed become one, as Raikage and Kazekage already demonstrated his abilities.

  2. Oh you Kakashi fangirl.

    What if Kakashi and Sasuke HOOKED UP AND BECAME LOVERS?


    Sorry, I fail science forever.

  3. now i want to get into the mind of Sakura and see what kind of place it is.

    too bad Bleach and Naruto can’t help with my depression with to-Love ru ending early at all…

  4. @TheNewHorde Sakura Haruno’s mind or Sakura as in moi 😉

    We finally got our manga order, so I’m just at the point in Bleach where Orihime is now with Aizen. (So I imagine I’m really far behind!)

  5. oh, ur VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY far behind.

    but don’t wry, u didn’t miss out. in fact, it’d be perfectly fine if you skip the two and a half years of manga that u missed and just jump to current chapter, cause ur not missing anything.

    just one fight after another, Bleach is 10 times worst than even DBZ in terms of story now. action cool, but the pointless story/lack of character development make this pointless.

  6. oh, and Sakura as in this married woman who happens to have a husband just as into anime as she is.

    the other Sakura we already know through the manga.

  7. I was afraid of that, I’d heard Bleach got badly monotonous.

    Well, my mind definitely isn’t as scary as Maggeh’s, though I do like the odd horror story or scary movie.

    I’m actually not as bothered by maggeh’s yaoi’s discussions as I act, because I believe love is love and so very precious, that if you find it, no matter where you find it (unless of course its illegal!) you are truly blessed.

    My dearest wish is that everyone in the world could find their happiness in life.

    I’m a pretty easy going person, I tend to try and find the good in everyone and I’m pretty forgiving, but mess with those I love and I’m a hellcat!

    Growing up with a brother, made me a bit of a tomboy and with a strict mother I tended not to be very social. Until I took up basketball and came out of my shell a little bit.

    I’m still painfully shy until I get to know someone, but once I do know you, then I’m pretty rambunctious XD

    Being sheltered as I grew up is probably why I got so into the nerdy things, like anime, manga, video games, comics etc etc.

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t like girly stuff either, like painting my nails and dressing up.

    Hmm is that enough of a glimpse into my mind or was there anything else you were curious about? 🙂

  8. no, that answers everything pretty much.

    it’s pretty much an otaku’s perfect woman kind of definition.

    though i personally am never a big fan of painting nails and all that… it just… look so odd. the colors and all, especially red and pink and black or any random colors. only acceptable one for me are like the clear ones, cause i at least can’t tell the obvious effort for outward appearance.

  9. oh, btw. let me fill u in on the last 2 and a half years of Bleach u missed in one short paragraph.

    Ichigo: Chad, Ishida, and every other popular character on JUMP Magazine polls, let’s go to Huedo Mundo and save Inoue!

    Everyone: Yeah! We’re outnumbered and we can’t win, but let’s go suici… I mean rescue Inoue!

    *Party runs through passageway*

    I am Arrancar #xxx, my name is xxx, you can’t defeat me cause I own all of you.

    *Then one on one battle, Arrancar or Shinigami loses.*

    I am Arrancar #xxx, my name is xxx, you can’t defeat me cause I am stronger than the one you fought earlier.

    *Then one on one battle, Arrancar or Shinigami loses.*

    I am Espada #xx, my name is xxx, you can’t defeat me cause I am am Espada and it’ll take 5 chapters to fully show our battle.

    *Espada or Shinigami loses, then another Espada or Shinigami come to reinforce.*

    I am Espada/Shinigami, my name is xxx, I will defeat you blah blah blah blah blah blah like the usual….

    *and this goes on for 2 and a half years of manga and haven’t have any plot advancement except all the Espada (and their lackeys) are revealed and most of them are defeated.*

    Pretty much in the past 2 and a half years, there was only one short side arc that actually have any story value. That was just who Shinji and his Vizard friends are. You can pretty much just watch that 3 episodes of anime on that and you pretty much have gained the knowledge of the past 2 and a half years of Bleach through my summary.


    Typical set up.

    Chap 1: meet Arrancar
    Chap 2: fight
    Chap 3: sword release by Arrancer or Shinigami, and more fighting.
    Chap 4: opponent release sword and owned.
    Chap 5: one of them gets defeated and reveal a secret ability or bankai.
    Chap 6: Battle finish. Next opponent shows up.

    Literally this is pretty much how it went for over 2 years. Worst part is, they all lined up having a staring contest while their guy do one on one battles. If you are emphasizing on “war”, then at least be like One Piece and have everyone fight, not one on one duels and wait for a battle to finish.

    Just switch to One Piece, it saves your soul. In One Piece we trust.

  10. Well for the most part I go with clear, I usually only go with colours if I’m trying to co-ordinate with what I’m wearing.

    Or if a particular color really just strikes my fancy, plus colours can be indicative of my mood 🙂

    Although more often than not I just do it from time to time because I find it relaxing.

    I don’t do it all the time either just every once in a while. I’m too much of a tomboy to be bothered with it all the time. I just like to make an effort once in a while.

    He loves me the way I am, but once in a while its nice to make a real effort to look good or cute and have hubby go rawr! XD

    Wow the Arrancar arc lasts that long? Holy Crap!

  11. No doubt Naruto will be shown to have the power to DEFY FATE or some such, so in the end his honest shounen fighting spirit reconciles him to Sasuke, just as he reconciled with Nagato.

  12. Bleach is epic fail.

    Naruto is borderline, barely keeping up with a good story but too much of the typical shonen stuff that kills half the originality that it could have.

    I am not trying to be baised, but One Piece is the only long running series that actually broke the stereotypes in Shonen JUMP and managed to stay original for 12 years.

  13. @ moriteil, You’re more than likely right, after all defying fate is what Naruto does 🙂

    @ TheNewHorde, I don’t think your being biased, considering I hear a lot of people say similar good things about One Piece.

  14. actually, “Arrancar arc last that long?” comment gave me a laugh because we’re not even over with it yet.

    so far Aizen, Gin, Tousen haven’t even fought yet. They’re just standing there watching their espada fight.

    So far the defeated Espada are: #9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2

    3 is still fighting with Hitsugaya, should end pretty soon. And soon means a month… 1 is pretty much near dead/defeated. Stark is my favorite Espada though, just because he’s not brainless and he’s the strongest and a pacifist at the same time.

    0… well, Espada #0 was a shock for me, that it goes from 0-9, the 10 Espadas… I knew 0 couldn’t be as weak as he was portrayed, else he wouldn’t be an Espada to begin with. But I did not expect him releasing his sword makes him the strongest of all Arrancar, considering how pathetic his character was.

  15. “I’m actually not as bothered by maggeh’s yaoi’s discussions as I act, because I believe love is love and so very precious, that if you find it, no matter where you find it (unless of course its illegal!) you are truly blessed.”

    Ah-ha! By the rule of my twisted logic, that means Sakura LIKES yaoi talk! 8D

    Like I said, my logic is twisted.

    “Just switch to One Piece, it saves your soul. In One Piece we trust.”

    I’ve been telling her this for the longest time.

  16. @ maggeh Well that just means that since you haven’t been on aim I’ve been severely deprived in that area ne? 😛

    I know I know, I will get around to reading it eventually. I have a couple of days off here soon for a minor surgery so maybe I’ll take that opportunity to get started.

  17. Granted, reading One Piece in English is kinda… lacking, I believe. The official English version ain’t all that good, and the scans of the earlier chapters have crap quality and constantly change the names of characters. When I went back to reread the older ones in OneManga, I gave up halfway and decided to download the official Korean volumes instead.

    So yeah.

  18. so i’m guessing u two both have AIM from this conversation?

    may i have your AIMs then? i think i would graetly enjoy conversation with u two.

    (tried to enter the anime club today, my shy personality didn’t let me last there for 40 min and i ran away…)

  19. just noticed. the comments on this got so derailed that i measured it with my finger in terms of screen length.

    it’s 11 times the screen length of the blog itself!

  20. One Piece is in already. Least the raws.

    And comments often get derailed in Sakura’s posts once I comment. Mainly cause the conversation turns to yaoi and valid SasuRai pairings.

  21. Yeah I took a look at the Naruto raws yesterday. Guess what…

    MORE SASUKE! Gee who’d have thought!

    LOL true, although I think your Bleach Yaoi pairings are scary. But then anybody paired with Kenpachi is going to be a scary pairing.

    Oh and is your aim name fortemajor? Does that sound familiar?

  22. Kenpachi?

    urgh… he is scary, not just the face. His body is like more scaled than muscle packed.

    Usually u expect giant buff man to be super strong, but he’s more tight lean muscles. Not to mention Kubo’s drawings are more angular when it comes to men, and his chest muscles are squarely packed.

    any woman with his body will be SCARY.

  23. no, Bleach is fail no matter with which character.

    The entire basis for Soul Society is messed up, there’s too many loop holes in the story, not to mention wtf is with the Hell’s Gate thing, we never even heard about hell again.

  24. I just thought the whole idea of Orihime being talked into going to Aizen’s side was stupid.

    I mean after all if she can heal an arm she can re-grow someone’s limb, she can heal any big injuries her buddies get, so really leaving was stupid.

    She HAD to know they would come after her, so they are gonna get hurt either way, so she should have just stayed put.

    Course this is me expecting logic out of Orihime, whose bust is bigger than her brain.


  25. uh. actually, i prefer her just to go with Ishida since Ishida obviously like her. He can make up for her brains.

    I’m not a IchigoxRukia person, but weirdly, I think Ichigo should just go with his two little sisters and start being a siscon. jk.

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