Trappy trapness


I’m enjoying H2O in blindness mode right now, though how Kohinata is treated within the classroom is really disturbing, especially in cold comparison right next to the funny antics. I’m really curious as to why she’s treated so horribly, as it was the main reason that I stopped watching the anime (I just couldn’t keep watching her getting kicked around anymore). To those of you not familiar with the game, one can turn on a blindness mode which is really low in saturation with the backgrounds blurred. This function is there because the protagonist if blind and it really adds to the atmosphere. Of course, the second time around I’m playing it in normal mode. Nothing beats color, really.

colored trap

“Iyaa…not that place…no….”

That refers to how the trap (silvered hair girl) reacted when the protagonist found out that she’s actually a HE and pushed her him down on the floor and checked for himself and then begged him to say that he’s actually a girl. Sakakibara Yui did a great job voicing her too, I’m impressed (she also did many other squeaky role, including the main girl in time leap paradise and some really serious roles, more on her later). And I LOVE how the main character is in anguish about whether or not he’s really gay (it’s like hanakimi all over again).


2 thoughts on “Trappy trapness

  1. yea Hamaji is a pretty well done trap; unfortunately he’s used mostly as a relief character, with only little character development digging into his past.

    You are going to be pretty disappointed as Kohinata is being beat down for the most stupidly generic reason ever with little to no explanation other than “that’s just the way it is”

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