Angels and angels?


H2O was getting too repetitive (get up, moe moe moe, bullying, hints of the past, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat). So I’ve been taking the time to go through some other stuff (yes, yes, I should have been using the time to translate G-senjou and draw sepia tears, I know, I know).

First up was Haibane reimei. I’ve only watched one episode, but it’s absolutely beautiful, so I’ll take it slowly and only watch an episode at a time. I think that maybe it has the most beautiful soundtrack I’ve ever heard in an anime though, I just can’t get tired of that opening song.


The other angel (?) is from Kobato. I’ve been feeling guilty about not really keeping up with it so I went through it all today (thankfully the chapters are short), and WOW. No matter what they do CLAMP just have that charm that tugs at you and for some reason you can’t stop once you start. Now, since the back story to everything is very, VERY vague and mysterious, here’s my conspiracy theory (it’s been a long time since I wrote one, isn’t it?).

Ioryogi fell in love with an angel, but just like what happened in Wish, falling for an angel has its problems. That eventually led to the war between the other world and heaven, with the other world losing. The angel, believing by accident that Ioryogi died, wished was to go the other world, the place where the person she loved had lived. Escaping through the bridge between heaven and hell, she ended up at Yuuko’s shop.

…actually, scratch that.That’s not right at all. If I continue along this path I won’t be able to explain why Kobato can’t fall in love. Just wait, I need to re-read Wish and then I’ll come up with a proper one. This one isn’t crazy enough.

But really, Kobato is an addicting read (despite being a slice of life), and our cute and clumsy main character is the cutest thing ever! Her relationship with Fujimoto is just too adorable~ Pretty much everyone agrees that she isn’t human, but right now I don’t think my theory will work so I’m putting my money on the fact that Kobato will be a demon, instead of an angel, like most people . You know CLAMP, they never use the plot twists that you expect.

And also, the debt collector definitely has other plans. I think he’s going to be a dragon.


3 thoughts on “Angels and angels?

  1. I had the same problems with H2O. I’ve only finished Hayami’s route and I haven’t really muster the patience to continue the game ever since. There weren’t any likable characters and by the end of the day, the plot just couldn’t keep me engaged.

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