H2O first impressions: meh

0000Really, it’s meh. Great art, good music, excellent voice acting, but the plot is a complete bore. Hayami’s path is basically split into 3 parts: getting to know her, which had some potential but ended in the most boring way possible; the reunion, which was just an excuse for a h-scene anyway, with some minor plot thrown in which didn’t have any impact. There’s an after story about their life together in the city, which was another excuse to throw Hayami in a main uniform and have her and Yui have sex. The comedy is presented too suddenly and the plot doesn’t feel continuous or thought out for that matter.  I went “aww…” 2 times, that’s it. Really, if we are talking about a sad scene in front of the train, full moom wo sagashite does it with about a thousand times more emotion.

I’m seriously considering not finishing the game, which is something that I don’t like to do. I keep telling myself, if I just played the Konomi path in toheart2 and gave up I wouldn’t have found out about Yuma’s great story, and if I had just played Sumika’s path in Haruka ni aogi Uruwashino and gave up then I wouldn’t have found out how great the rest of it was. Grr…decisions, decisions!

That may be a good choice though, considering how long my backlog is. 11 games, and plus today I just read that both Tayutama and Yasuga no sora have been fully translated (into chinese though). The former doesn’t have translated menus  and the latter still doesn’t have a patch yet, but both are going to be released soon and I’m crying because I have no time. o(>﹏<)o

Oh, but I have to clarify something: the trap is made of awesome. He can put tokodoki and kyun kyun in the same sentence and get away with it and is the funniest character in the whole thing. One morning he sneaked in to our protagonist’s house, read him a romance novel which caused him to have a dream and waking up 3 mm away from giving his first kiss away to a  trap. Yes, he is awesome.


24 thoughts on “H2O first impressions: meh

  1. Tayutama and Yasuga no sora are translated?! Damn that completely slipped under the radar for me, I really need to browse more forums other than just sumisora…..thanks for the heads-up

    • Sure no problem, but there’s still time before the final patches come out. It’s weird though, I got the news on Yasuga no sora from lost summer, but it says 转移爸爸国 and won’t let me log in…Any chance you know what means?

      • My best guess is a server problem, as of the moment of this writing, I can’t even access the lostsummer website

    • I have a deviantart page, but it’s really empty because I doodle most of the time and it’s practically a miracle for me to actually finish something. I think that unless I give up watching anime or something I’ll never really have the time to finish drawings regularly (I draw slow). So right now it’s more of a representation of my tastes (though my faves) rather than showing how well I can draw. Although I can tell you if I ever set aside the time to scan my sketchbook my scraps section will be full to the brims. But, if you don’t mind anyway, it’s Chocolate-choux.

  2. Indeed, I hated the anime. Fine for the first half. Then the second half was, if I recall my words at Kurogane’s blog, like a FUCKING KOREAN DRAMA.


    Actually, upon reflection, I never said those words on his blog. Though I do remember saying that once in my life. I did, however, give my personal summary of the series.

    “Hirose: I LOVE YOU!
    Hayami: I LOVE YOU TOO!
    Grandfather: YO MOMMA!
    Hirose: OH MY GOD NO!
    Hayami: YOU’RE BLIND!
    Hirose: I’M BLIND!
    Grandfather: LEAVE, WOMAN!
    Hayami: I’LL LEAVE.
    Hirose: I’M BLIND!
    Grandfather: DIE, WOMAN!
    Hirose: I’M BLIND!
    Hayami: HE’S BLIND!
    Hirose: MOMMY!
    Hirose: HAYAMI-CHAN!”

  3. yea, the game is better than the anime, but that’s setting the bar pretty low. The first part of the game is a complete waste of time, but I liked some of the comedy and the side characters

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