H2O second impressions: this is pretty good

The first part of Hotaru’s  story wasn’t much better than that of Hayami, but it was still better. What really happened to Hotaru when she betrayed Hayami was really pretty sad, but the writers just HAD to make their reunion as dry as possible.The grandfather’s arrival felt really anticlimatic, even though they tried to explain it away as a plot point later on.


The good stuff is what happened after the time skip. It’s there that we find out what really happened when Takuma’s mother died, and there’s actually some emotion this time around. The bit about family politics was boring, but the little monologue that Hotaru has after she tells Takuma to leave her behind? Tugged at my heart strings. Both the excellent voice acting and the beautiful music added to the atmosphere, more so than the actual writing, I think. The comedy isn’t as thrown together this time (not by much though), and I have to admit Hotaru’s emergency program is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Of course, the long flashbacks and the messy tie up of plot points is still realld bad, but this time around, I actually enjoyed it. I didn’t expect that, especially since I have a thing against clumsy girls with big boobs (it took her 20 MINUTES to crack an egg, and she messed up 30 TIMES! THAT’S 10 HOURS!) But her personaliy post time skip was decent, and her little monologues were actually amusing, unlike that of Hayami, which was all about underwear. The funny thing is, just like that of Hayami, Yui was the most interesting character in her after story.

One thought on “H2O second impressions: this is pretty good

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