InuYasha Simulcast

At this point I totally LOVE Viz right now. In case you were unaware InuYasha is back and will start airing in Japan on Saturday.

You may have noticed on fansub wiki, that no-one is subbing it. Well that would be because Viz has already announced they will be releasing it over here in the States.

But so you can still get your fix until then, Viz will be simulcasting InuYasha The Final Act on their site WATCH INUYASHA THE FINAL ACT HERE!

Check out the site and if you want to get yourself caught up on the rest of the show, they also have that up on there in its entirety for you to watch.



18 thoughts on “InuYasha Simulcast

    • I SAW THE NEWEST EPISODE IM SO EXCITED!!!!! it was in japanese but that SOOOO doesnt even matter!!!! Cant wait for it to hit the states i own EVERY Box Set 1-7 yay!!!!! ^_^

  1. @ glothelegend That is entirely possible, though I do have an army of hanyou’s in the house to prove my dedication. —>

    Oh and don’t forget these –>

    I also have some of the Kotobukiya figures, animation cels, artwork.

    And my friend made me these –>

  2. never seen it, not that excited about Inuyasha. but i need some recommandation for next season’s anime. i barely watch anime lately beside a few shows. and now they’re over, i got nothing to watch but piece-of-crap Bleach.

      • MEGAOUCH!

        Well, I started a long time ago, along with One Piece and Naruto.

        One Piece is still good, but I kinda stopped as it go so slow.

        I stopped Naruto last year.

        Then eventually I was gonna stop Bleach as well, cause it sucked, but I already got so far, I kinda want to just see it through to the end. So 20 minutes per week on crap wasn’t too much of a time waste…

        I rather watch OP.

  3. @ maggeh LOL and LOL! Just make up a new aim account and get back online dammit or are you not back in Canada yet?

    @ thenewhorde Hmm if you like shoujo stuff I’d say check out kimi ni todoke, the manga is so damned adorable! Not because the art is really cute, but because the two shy characters slowly realizing they like one another is totally sweet.

    I’m thinking I will probably like The Sacred Blacksmith too, but we shall see.

    I wonder if there will be subs of Nyan Koi up yet…

  4. @ JohnI can’t believe how happy it made me watching it. It really was just like it had never stopped and hearing everyone again, oh so awesome.

    Wonder if they got the sub problem worked out yet, they were missing earlier. Not that I let that stop me from enjoying the hell out of it.

    I am totally content right now.

  5. @Divaa, I was too, if they are going to keep going like this then it will move along nicely and we won’t have to deal with any nasty filler episodes.

  6. I remember I used to watch inuyasha on tv~ haha i stopped watching it though, I thought it already ended. and now i find theres a final act?? i wonder whats it going to be about xD

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