Thinking back to Shinshi Doumei Cross


I can’t believe I never read the extra chapter (picked up vol4 of Full moon at a sale and set off to re-read all of Arina Tanemura’s works).

I MISSED THIS SERIES! I miss all the characters, I miss the fabulous outfits, I miss the drama and fluff, I missed all the kya kya-ness, I missed that smile on my face as I say the sparkly flowers, I even missed the disturbingly huge eyes. But more than anything, I MISSED MAORA! Behold the glory of the greatest trap ever lived.


Damn it, they are the cutest gay couple ever.


6 thoughts on “Thinking back to Shinshi Doumei Cross

  1. i can’t say i actually read much shoujo manga because the art embarasses me.

    but… i think if i actually DID read it, i will be a big sucker for them.

  2. Wait. This series has a trap?
    Maybe I will read it then…it’s [likely] worth the way too shoujo Arina Tanemura artwork for a trap.

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