Sharin no Kuni and G-senjou chapter 3 patch

7237d6dfAnd this time, it’s the turn of our loli with family issues. Still fantastic as always and highly recommended for everyone as always. By the way, if you don’t understand the bit about her catchphrase, it has an awkward explanation, don’t get your hopes up.

On a related note, the chapter 3 patch for G-senjou is going to be released soon (not including the Kanon patch). We’re kind of stuck right now and people are hopeing that this patch will be enough to tide people over. I personally wouldn’t care less whether or not Kanon’s path got translated as it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. However the main path is still great, filled with suspense and mind games. I translated a good chunk of it (the 2 other translators went MIA for a while) so please don’t let my hard work go to waste.

Now, if you’re wondering why I hate Kanon (and I REALLY do), it’s because her story had little plot, boring ending, nothing that makes G-senjou G-senjou, pity sex, a crazy mother who’s stupid on top of that and a heroine who should have a spine but doesn’t. The mother had her make an appearance for old people on Christmas day, she wanted to go on a date, but she doesn’t say anything and just glares at her mother. Then her mother think that Kanon was about to get hit by a car (she wasn’t), pushes Kanon out of the way, and lands in front of the car. That landed the mother in the hospital and with Kanon having a sprained ankle. All of that could have been avoided if her mother wasn’t an imbecile. The climax involves Kanon skating and losing (I also hated Hikaru no go). I was disgusted how she was so bratty and spineless at all the wrong moments and I hope that her path will never get released.

By the way, the tsundere’s story isn’t that good either, the whole thing was baxically an afterthought and an excuse for h-scenes. Surprisingly, the bad ending is quite interesting.

More Black Rock Shooter!

And I’m posting again!

I was really worried that when it really comes out we’ll have so much build up that the real thing is going to be a disappointment. But even if the story’s the worst piece of crap ever created it’s not going to matter. The whole thing looks so good I’ll be too busy staring to care about how good the story is.

Moetron, I love you.

Yes, I’m not feeling right, I know, I mean, I don’t know. I know that I’m typing weird things out but I don’t know why is what I tried to type because too many things happened today and my brain is overloaded and I think I’ll be fine tomorrow but I can’t use the computer tomorrow so we’ll have to see on Friday and I should really stop typing now so I will.