Kyoani, I hate you



4 thoughts on “Kyoani, I hate you

  1. I’m more concerned about the fact that they announced a movie instead of a third season. Endless Eight must have hit their ratings in Japan harder than they expected. They dug themselves a hole and now we’re all stuck in it. This may very well be the last time we see Haruhi Suzumiya in animated form.

    • Not necessarily. Since it’s coming out in a few months, we can assume that work has started on it before this video came out and even that it has been decided even before endless eight. And plus, movies are there because the studio has got some extra money (if Gainax was still suffering from the anime bubble as it was when the series first ended no one would have ever watched the movie, and remember the budget that Ghost in the shell had).
      I’m fine with it as long as Kyoani’s actually animating it, if it ends up like the Clannad movie I’m never going near another Kyoani work again.

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