Artist post: 203

グングニル_1416458It’s that time again! Now, I introduce to you 203 (site pixiv). He or she is actually from Taiwan, and has this really cool looking metallic style. The vast majority of his/her art is touhou fanart, so that’s what I’m going to feature here today. I am just in love with the coloring (which kind of reminds me of Kei). Continue reading

What I’ve watched so far…

Kagura's Death

Sorry this is so late, work has been damn hellacious, but the big project is finally over, at least my part of it.
I did want to get this out before my surgery at the end of the week though, since I doubt I’ll be lucid enough to post for a few days afterwards.
I’ll probably spend my post-op days catching up on the few shows I’ve watched, but here are my impressions of them so far. Continue reading