Artist post: 203

グングニル_1416458It’s that time again! Now, I introduce to you 203 (site pixiv). He or she is actually from Taiwan, and has this really cool looking metallic style. The vast majority of his/her art is touhou fanart, so that’s what I’m going to feature here today. I am just in love with the coloring (which kind of reminds me of Kei).


080526marisa copy


080329remiria copy





隙間_1220764There’s nothing else I can say because there’s absolutely minimal info on pixiv and the site (there isn’t even a blog!). But I AM keeping an eye out for this one.


6 thoughts on “Artist post: 203

  1. how do u know these artist?

    like how did u find out about them?

    oh, and i am from Taiwan as well… grew up there, kinda neat to see an artist from Taiwan…

  2. Ah, I’ve seen some of this person’s stuff around, but I hadn’t come across their site/pixiv before now.
    It’s too bad they don’t do much more than Touhou stuff because their style is something seen [relatively] often in Touhou work but not so much with other series’ fanart.

    • Pixiv is this:
      It’s a Japanese image board where artists upload their own work. It requires membership if you want to view anything, though signing up is relatively simple with an online translator or a little help.

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