Choux’s little fall impressions

vlcsnap-113049Well, the fall season is here, and against my better judgment I’ve watched the first episode of over 10 series. This is my little impressions to the first 5 of them. The book of bantorra

vlcsnap-101913When humans die, their souls fossilize into books. The armed librarians protect these books, and the main antagonist is the church.

Interesting concept with not so interesting character designs (why is it that an anime never seem to have both?). Of course, there’s the always righteous protagonist, who I really don’t care about, and of course, there’s a girl in love with him but he’s completely oblivious.There are great production values (the shining strings of light reminded me of Macross), but the 3DCG look really cheap and some of the character designs are hideous (like the main character and the director).

I don’t think I’ll be following this series this season.

A certain scientific rail gun

vlcsnap-112508What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Fantastic production values, cute character designs, funny, and 100% entertaining. Kick ass lolis are always good, and the fan service is funny and not too in the way of the plot (as far as I can tell).

I’m definitely watching this series (along with most of the internet, yes).

The sacred blacksmith

vlcsnap-215721A female knight is saved by a blacksmith and they start a relationship.

The art kind of reminds me of K-on (which I stopped after 1 episode because the main character’s a moron). And I really hate how the main character’s amour has 2 circles in front for her chest. Look at Fate/stay night! Knights don’t have armour plates that look like there’s 2 melons stuck inside! And unfortunately, it’s fanservice for the sake of fanservice, not for plot or even comedy.The production values are decent and the whole thing looks nice, and I hope that I’m not the only one thinking of tomato soup when the eyecatch saying “Cecily Cambell” came up (especially with that hair). I like the soundtrack, especially when the sword was forged.

Despite everything, the story isn’t that amazing, and I dislike useless girls in general (the main character is definitely useless, and from the moeblobby ending I don’t think the loli is going to be known as the kickass one either), so I don’t think I’m going to keep watching this series.

Kimi ni todoke

vlcsnap-238883A girl looks creepy on the outside but actually has a heart of gold. She really admires a popular boy in her class who helps her to get along with everyone.

The first thing that I notice is how fantastically beautiful the opening theme is. The textures, the stills, the simplicity of it all! Then when the song ended I noticed how amazing the backgrounds are. They are like a mixture of pencil and water color. I haven’t seen backgrounds this interesting since True tears, and they are absolutely stunning and a feast for the eyes considering how I don’t really like the character designs (they are pretty much flat and they clash too much against the backgrounds!). The animation is flawless and I only wish they didn’t use that ugly looking style when Sawako smiled (now that I think of it, True tears had that problem too).

The music is also beautiful, with some amazing piano pieces, and the seiyuu’s voice is really easy to listen to. With everything there, the story is more like the icing on the cake, but what great icing it is! It’s really cute and awwww inducing and kyaaaaa inducing and funny and all those good things that I’ve missed from not reading shoujo manga for WAAAAAAAAAAY too long.

I really didn’tn’t expect much out of a shoujo manga adaption, but I think I’m in love with this series. I mean REALLY in love with this series. I’m not dropping this even if a comet is set to collide with earth. Especially not with that semi-cliffhanger ending.


vlcsnap-115020A cute girl, Kobato, and her talking stuffed dog is out to heal people.

It’s cute, and the studio had a good budget, but there’s nothing beyond that. I was really surprised because Kobato’s voice wasn’t what I expected it to be, and she can’t sing either. Why else do you think other people sang the theme songs? I’d rather stick with the manga for now.

I wish I can write more, I really do, but my computer is a piece of crap, even after I put in a new memory, and it lags when playing videos bigger than 300mb. That means I can’t properly watch 11eyes or darker than black, and I’m killing myself over that.


7 thoughts on “Choux’s little fall impressions

  1. I currently watches Kobato and To aru kakeru no railgun, but after this review, i think i might watch kimi no todoke as well.

    Thanks for the nice introductions. The beginning of ep. 2 felt really out of place for Railgun though, i know they HAD to add that in there because the guy is the protagonist of the series and they needed him in there somewhere just for the series fans. but really didn’t feel like he should be stuck there, at least give Misaka more room to grow before tossing him in there.

    Plus this is the story before toaru, where Misaka was surprised that her powers were useless against his right hands, but he’s already used his right hand to block her attack. it kinda kills the chronological order of the story i feel.

    i do hope railgun is much better than majutsu no index though. i mean index had great art, interesting story concept, but HORRIBLE story set up. I read another blog that compared index to digimon, and after thinking about it, the guy was right. The story wasn’t fluent at all with too many plot holes and even digimon told a more fluent story than index.

    i read bits and piece of the railgun manga before, i honestly hope railgun is much better than index. (Only characters I like is Misaka and her clone and the hot girl with the samurai sword who uses Nanasen… forgot her name)

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  3. I couldn’t agree with you more on Kimi ni todoke, after InuYasha it was the anime I was most anticipating since I totally fell in love with the manga.

    I think I like Book of Bantorra, for the fact its the antithesis of Kimi ni todoke, because its so damn dark and depressing. I think how they develop Colo’s personality will be interesting.

    I’d like to see if can break out of that ‘meat’ mold and become more than the human bomb he’s been programmed to be.

    As for Sacred Blacksmith, I guess after romance and melancholy I’ll be watching this as my comic relief. Although one gets the impression that there may be some unhappiness in Luke’s past.

    I hate useless heroine’s too, but I do think Cecily has plenty of spunk and determination which so far is enough to make me not completely write her off. Hopefully she gets a little more skillful at combat as the series goes on.

  4. I heavily skimmed Kobato but my watch list is about the same as yours: Railgun, Kimi ni, DtB (sux 4u ;_;), maybe the show about lesbians, and then cross game from the spring.

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