8 songs guaranteed to make you cry


I love the idea of vocaloids, and I really love how people have made up ALL these stories about the various characters. In my mind, the best of these stories are the tear jerking epics involving the Kagamine twins (well, they aren’t “officially” twins, but I see them as twins anyway).

In this post, my goal is to have you listen to these 8 songs about a boy and a girl, all of them sad, all of them beautiful. If even after all 8 songs you still don’t even feel tears coming on, you’re a emotionless bastard with a rock for a heart. Continue reading

I never thought I’d say this, but…


I really like Yu-gi-oh.  In the earlier chapters, before the whole duel monster thing took over, there was a really interesting mind game in each chapter. Sure, it’s no liar game or death note, but it’s still very, very addicting. The other thing I like is how each side character gets a chance to shine, from the girl using her dance experience to figure out a killer cube game to the guy using a can of soda to avoid (partial) suicide.

Why didn’t I notice how good this thing is earlier?