8 songs guaranteed to make you cry


I love the idea of vocaloids, and I really love how people have made up ALL these stories about the various characters. In my mind, the best of these stories are the tear jerking epics involving the Kagamine twins (well, they aren’t “officially” twins, but I see them as twins anyway).

In this post, my goal is to have you listen to these 8 songs about a boy and a girl, all of them sad, all of them beautiful. If even after all 8 songs you still don’t even feel tears coming on, you’re a emotionless bastard with a rock for a heart.

Kokoro was probably the first time I’ve really loved a vocaloid song, and it carried a beautiful message about love and family. Around the same time I heard this song, I read the third volume of D-gray.man. That was harsh.

Kokoro Kiseki is the accompaniment to Kokoro, and features Len instead of Rin. This one is a bit more hopeful (maybe?) and happy (just a bit?).

I first encountered the daughter of evil series when a friend sent me a link. But, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the first video. I thought it was a halfway decent song and then forgot about it. But then, I saw the rest of the series (years later), and fell in love.

The servant of evil really cemented my love for Len, and it properly explains the truth, only hinted at in daughter of  evil. It sucexxfully turned my complete lack of sympathy for the princess into a mountain of sympathy. That scene with the ring! The princess crying, saying her last words! A truely emotional song.

If you’re flailing in despair, worry not, there IS hope. Re:birthday talks about how Len overcomes his guilt and stuff like that.

And, finally, we find out what really happened to the princess in Regret Message.

Last up are the songs Prisoner and Paper plane. There is a creepy relation to the holocaust here, and they’re, in my opinion, the darkest songs in this post. These two songs are so full of irony I don’t even know where to start, and I really cringed when Len was placed in that room. The almost insane way in which he treasured the scraps of paper…it’s just…I can’t even describe it.

Paper plane ties up the plot points from prisoner, and tells the girl’s side of the story. It’s also an attempt to pull some of the watchers out of depression, but it’s not so successful in that prospect. You can tell that the video was made by many artists, some of which are better than others.

It’s just so sad. The girl’s illness caused bad eyesight which prevented her from realizing that the boy was a tortured prisoner, and the boy never realized that the girl was dying. The boy only wanted to know the girl’s name and stay by her side, and the girl only wanted the boy to live because she couldn’t. But without knowing it, she caused the boy’s death.

Some things always make my cry, among them are onions, fruits basket, full moon wo sagashite, Clannad, Air, the color purple, and these eight songs. Each song carries its own message, and each song deserved to be listened to and praised.

14 thoughts on “8 songs guaranteed to make you cry

  1. TheNewHorde (2:55:22 PM): on Calamatious Intent, ask EVERYONE who visits to sent a request letter for more K-On
    TheNewHorde (2:55:28 PM): and TONS of more Mio in it
    TheNewHorde (2:55:46 PM): like the Mio vs other 4 main characters ratio should be 10:1
    Kagomes Heart (2:55:57 PM): lol
    TheNewHorde (2:56:09 PM): every 23 minute episode, 20 needs to be dedicated to Mio minimum
    Kagomes Heart (2:56:21 PM): It would probably be better to put that suggestion to Choux since K-On is more her kind of thing
    Kagomes Heart (2:56:24 PM): LOL

      • Amen to that.

        Fuck the trend of no-plot no-comedy all-moefest crap that’s getting too much attention.

        Moe with comedy, yes. Comedy, yes. Moe without anything but moe, FUCK THAT SHIT.

  2. wow… i sense negativity…

    Mio moe is awesome. You don’t get it, the FUNNY is in just how stereotypical moe Mio is but at the same time not pathetic like Mikuru from Haruhi.

    Mio is the goddess of moe, and it’s funny because she fits the best moe stereotypes and you can expect all the moe from her.

    Sounds like Maggeh just have no moe factor in her life, do I detect jealousy…? ;P

  3. now i wanna know who the other top 4 is.

    (If Hinagiku is one of them, I think I found one person I’ll have nothing in common with.)

  4. Um, TNH, I’m a dude. XD

    As it is, I don’t care much for Mikuru either. Moeblobs ain’t my thing. I don’t mind moe if it’s in small doses or mixed with something MEANINGFUL, but I can’t stand moe for the sake of moe. I find that shit highly annoying.

    • ah, alright. i just find that moe is put into ways that is actually more funny than what would make people say “moe~” kinda thing.

      I think K-On is purposely hitting the stereotypes for us to laugh at, thus why the comic strip is hilarious.

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