FMA ch 100


I cried…

and then…


And I gasped.

ARGGGGG! I wish I can travel into the future and find out what happens! I really don’t want Riza to die and I REALLY want to find out just what the hell is going on with all this sacrifices crap. Come on, you’ve been teasing us since chapter 2, hurry up and TELL US ALREADY!

P.S.: BRADLEY MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “FMA ch 100

  1. Just a hint, yo. People might not appreciate spoiler-ific pictures without a warning. I mean, the first one is to be expected, considering the previous chapter, but the second one might offend people who haven’t read it yet.

    • Ahh, but this is all a part of my master plot to get people so annoyed at me they have no choice but to read each chapter as they come out before I can get to it, which is a part of ANOTHER master plot which I will not disclose…hehehe…

      But, in all seriousness, a friend of mine has complained about this bad habit of mine too, so I’ve changed this post so no one can see Riza from the front page.

      • Yay, I say this cause I remember there being a bit of drama in another blog I frequent. As for me, I read the stuff on the same day it came out. Then I reread it when it was upped to onemanga. Then I read it one more time, since third time’s the charm. :]

  2. 😦 Made me so sad!

    I’m hoping she’ s not dead, that would be just too cruel to Roy, to lose his buddy Maes and Riza!!!

    Plus who will take care of Black Hayate!

  3. i haven’t been reading the manga, just like 3 chapters somewhere in the middle.

    but from what i can tell, she’s HEAVILY injured and isn’t gonna die yet.

    You can’t bring someone dead to live, but you CAN heal a person using alchemy. I bet she will be near death, with dramatic moments when her heart beat stops and breathing stops and just dies. And Mustang pull some drastic forbidden alchemy that brings her back at the end.

  4. 2nd possibility”

    Black Hayate will die with Risa and then Risa marries Hues in the afterlife with Black Hayate as their son.

    Happily ever after while the world gets destroyed.

    …..not happening.

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