I never thought I’d say this, but…


I really like Yu-gi-oh.  In the earlier chapters, before the whole duel monster thing took over, there was a really interesting mind game in each chapter. Sure, it’s no liar game or death note, but it’s still very, very addicting. The other thing I like is how each side character gets a chance to shine, from the girl using her dance experience to figure out a killer cube game to the guy using a can of soda to avoid (partial) suicide.

Why didn’t I notice how good this thing is earlier?

16 thoughts on “I never thought I’d say this, but…

      • Of course it did. I don’t like the anime at all. I remember when I was in grade 4 or something and everyone was caught up in Yu-gi-oh and I thought it was an absolute bore. Of course, now I know that 4kids (I think it was called something else back then) got rid of every good thing about it, but I still haven’t watched any of the original anime or liked a single episode of Yu gi oh.

        The manga, on the other hand, is interesting.

  1. Yeah, the early chapters/first season of the anime (the 1st dubbed season was the 2nd Japanese season) actually had some merit. Kinda sucks how the whole thing just turned into a show about children’s card games and the “heart of the cards”….

  2. i’m curious. what does a girl think about when playing eroge? considering i haven’t played one yet but i do read doujinshi…

    • I just enjoy it like any other form of entertainment. I don’t play eroges for sex, there are better things for that. I play them because of the gorgeous pictures and interesting stories (or tear jerking ones, if you’re talking about KEY).

  3. i see.

    but as there are sexual elements in there, what are your reactions when hitting the more “graphic” contents?

    i’m trying if a girl just skim past it and just fast click it all away or they blushes and have to pause for a bit or something else totally…

    i actually just want to know what kind of interests girls have to what would generally turn guys on.

    (can’t say i know, since i never played one. but i’d imagine i’d be pretty excited…)

    • Most of the time I just skim past them because they make the plot all awkward, but sometimes it’s used to strengthen the plot (like in nanatsuiro drops) and I read them. The only h-scenes that I thought was interesting by itself was from Cross Channel, which is probably the only instance where I read every h-scene in an eroge. I just treat them like commercials. If I can, I skip through them, but sometimes they are interesting and I can laugh a bit (or something). Never had that whole blush and pause thing though.

  4. wow intense…

    ok… i have played 1 eroge before. i never counted that one in because i never past the first section with it.

    i played for 10 minutes, and i had to stop at the h-scenes.

    it was way too intense for me, i got too turned on that i couldn’t play anymore and was completely absorbed by that scene…

    i end up deleting the game I downloaded…

    I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for long hair girls like Tomoyo, and I got far too excited when the eroge scene came… Was too tired after that scene to go on… I could never past that scene… epic fail, i’m not meant for eroge…

  5. lol, you should reread the review you wrote for Tomoyo After, in fact the first H-scene occurs within the first 5 minutes into the game

  6. u probably skipped it like u usually do, Choux.

    but for a first timer, it was so intense and tempting that i couldn’t get away from the temptation. end up watching it and… well, like i said, i’m not meant for eroges…

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