Choux’s little fall impressions pt 2


vlcsnap-299266HURRAY for facial contortions! Now, if they got rid of the pointless and distracting fanservice; ugly and generic villans, and the main girl’s boobs this show could really go somewhere. I think the whole crimson world thing is an interesting idea, though it oddly reminds me of cross channel.

The production values are pretty good, and I love the fantastic music, from Ayane’s opening to the sweeping orchestral BGM. The animation isn’t bad and the characters look decent (not a big fan of the original art either).

I’ll keep watching this series (if only just for the half hearted gore and the main character’s smexy voice).  And of course, “Oh crap, tentacle rape.”

Darker than black II

The opening reminds me of the Eureka seven movie (which I loved, despite being one of the most confusing things ever). And unffortunately, I’ve realized that I remember next to nothing about the original DTB.

But, the story’s still good (Luvluv confession is TOO CUTE~~~),  the action’s still excellent, and the bodies are still piling on (at first I thought the russian girl was going to die, but then she turned into a contractor, so there were less deaths than I expected). I was really eager for Hei, even though he was killing characters that I cared about, and when April said BK201…I pretty much jumped up and cheered. But really, hobo-chic? I want my collarbones!

Just like the last season, I’m confused already. Just what happened? Is Shion the ore? I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll actually explain things this time. Before that though, I’ll be sticking with this series.

Letter Bee


I don’t know if my computer’s cursed, the studio sucks, or both videos I got were encoded wrong, but the pictures simply looked jumpy and  awful. At first, I thought it was my computer lagging again, but then I played a small xvid file and realized that’s not it. And the manga art was so good too! Too bad, this is what I call a bad translation. The music was decent, I don’t like the opening song, but the ending sone’s good. HOWEVER, the ending song used feathered graphics! If you’re wondering, feathering is that method of coloring where the colors kind of blend at the edges, and in anime, it’s done in the worst ways possible and always look hideous (think Sheryl Norme’s hair).

The plot is okay, but I’m not too hooked in it yet. It kind of feels cliched, and Heart revolver doesn’t help (it sounds like a Mahou Shoujo attack!) I might watch one more episode, but I’ll probably not be following this series.

Kiddy girl -and


The first thing that I noticed is that the spaceships look ugly. Sure, I’m pampered from Gunbuster, Gundam, and Macross, but these things are just hideous.The second thing that I noticed was that the piano piece that was playing is simply fantastic. Of course, the opening is still really cliched and boring (nothing good can come from having cute maids prance around what is supposed to be an action series).

It’s odd, but my computer lagged while playing the opening. Is there a conspiracy here? Darker than black, a file over 350 mb, is playing fine, but kiddy girl (under 200mb) is lagging? Something must be wrong with the universe. Anyway, let’s go back to the opening. The song is one of those happy seiyuu songs, and the slips shows seems to be clips taken from the show (Remember, I’m writing this as I watch, so I don’t know anything yet). I really hope that they actually bother to animate a proper opening, it’s the least thing they can do, since they’re clearly not getting rid of the ugly maid uniforms. I’m the type that believes simplicity is best, and that hideous blue plus those…THINGS sticking out of their shoulders should be burned and never seen again.

Yes, I know, I’m writing a lot. This one has the potential to be bad enough for me to flame for quite a while but still be entertained enough to keep watching. I’m hoping for the best here.

I will now block out the image of the black guy wearing the maid uniform from my mind. And let me say it again, the uniforms are UGLY. It’s like a bad hash up of the uniforms from Otoboku and Mai Otome.

Not only are the outfits a disgrace, the names are as stupid as ever. Really, the only characters with a decent outfit in the show, and you HAD to give them names like Twiddledee and Twiddledum?

And OF COURSE, they just HAD to thrown in the girl not wearing underwear. Did the god of clothing curse the studio in a past life or something? Okay, the hot guys just came out with the ugliest stormtrooper costume ever, Gonzo is definitely cursed. And OF COURSE, people run in shooting with machine guns, and no one gets shot. How convenient. And OF COURSE, the guys whose faces we CAN see are all ugly. And OF COURSE, her comb is actually a weapon (I have a comb like that, why don’t mine turn into a light saber?T.T)

And OF COURSE, the girl’s a complete moron (oh right, I can just transport myself to the head! Never mind that the people watching had that idea A MINUTE AGO!) And OF COURSE, everything turns out to be okay.

I will be watching another episode, because Kiddy grade had the crappiest first episode ever and that still turned out to be okay. However, I don’t expect ANYTHING from this series (oh my god, I haven’t written this much about a single episode of anime since Code Geass).

There are two more series that I had wanted to watch, Aoi Bungaku and Winter sonata, but none of the fast fansub groups care  (they are too busy with Kampfer or something). So with things as they are, here’s my watchlist for the fall:

A certain scientific railgun

Kimi ni todoke


Darker than black


3 thoughts on “Choux’s little fall impressions pt 2

  1. Darker Than Black is win.

    But whatever happened to Yin worries me. The fact Hwang and Mao died last season makes this new season hard to swallow for me, but I nevertheless still love it.

    The resemblance between the first and 2nd season opening is quite interesting. They have the same exact scenes but reflected with Hei’s current state.

    I’m not sure what happened, and I’m very interested what happened to Yin and how Hei dealt with his sister after finding her soul inside him the entire time. Season 1 ended with too many questions. And the whole contractors doesn’t have emotions thing felt like going back now, since season proved contractors do have emotions.

    1 died for his pride, 1 died for her lover, 1 died for her freedom, 1 died for her beliefs, 1 died for his friend, 1 died for his destiny, the scientist contractor died for his dreams, and 1 died for redemption.

    In fact, most of the contractors we connected with and aren’t fodders all died for their dreams in one way or another. The entire season 1 was showing contractors have emotions too and that they want their freedom. So wtf is with the contractors are emotionless again? Are we back to where we started where people lost sight of contractors’ humanity? Did Amber and BK201’s sister fail?

  2. Uh… wow, sorry. My mistake. BK201 IS Hei’s sister, forgot. Hei just inherited the power of BK201, he’s still human, not contractor.

  3. Ahh Hei, he makes me happy to watch it 🙂

    As usual I have waaay more on my list than you, not that I’ll be doing episodic posts on anything.

    I’m still not quite in the mood to actually post after my surgery, too much emotional crap to deal with.

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