Kimi ni todoke 2


Best show of the season and perfection in itself. I can’t believe I’m so late in watching this episode!

I was SO hoping for a romantic summer, but I guess that would make things too easy. The series can’t continue once they start a romantic relationship, after all.

I thought the puppy bit was absolutely adorable (my puppy’s like that, except he has some brown fur and he’s a bit bigger, but he’s every bit as adorable). But NOTHING beats Kazehaya going around in circles about how Sawako thinks about him. When he was curled up on his desk… it’s… just… awwwww

I really felt sorry for Sawako, being avoided by everyone. And it was just TOO cute seeing Kazehaya moving next to her and saying how lucky he is. Seriously, if there was a cuteness meter for stupid couples, the meter would break measuring Kimi ni todoke.

There are 2 new characters introduced in this episode. Ryu is the slient and weird guy (he reminds me of SOMEONE, but I can’t quite put my finger on it), and a girl with curly hair, who’s obviously going to be a love rival turned friend. I can’t say anything more about this episode because it was too good and I have nothing to say (I’m only good at picking the bad things). But I’m going to go all out for the next episode. This series has awakened my inner fluffy fangirl, and she’s not about to go away any time soon.

16 thoughts on “Kimi ni todoke 2

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  2. Cuteness about sums it up and I love how Kazehaya is just as cute as Sawako even though he’s super popular and outgoing.

    I think its cute to see him get all worked up and flustered worrying about Sawako because he really doesn’t have to worry about any girl liking him.

    I like the fact he’s not an egomaniac considering his popularity, but rather is actually very sweet and kind just like Sawako.

    Watching them fumble around their feelings is totally adorable!

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