What the hell?

Yakuza girl is one of those unexpected series. The main character is spineless and surrounded by powerful girls. I didn’t expect ANYTHING out of it, really. It’s fanservie on top of fanservice, the comedy is very odd, etc etc.

Then, at some point, everything changed. The art got FANTASTIC, the protagonist got muscular and GAR and powerful and insane at the same time, and the story got really interesting. It’s kind of similar to happy world in that respect. Who could have expected that the main character embodies the world and that the whole thing is an alternate dimension where the bombing of Hiroshima never happened?

I know I didn’t.


But they leave SO MANY things unexplained! And that ending! Grahhhhhh! I haven’t been this annoyed since Tsubasa! (I didn’t know there was going to be an epilogue to it then) What this series desperately needs is an epilogue to tie up all the loose ends. Yes.Yes! YES! WE NEED CLOSURE! CLIFFHANGER ENDINGS DON’T WORK WHEN IT’S THE END OF THE SERIES!!!!!

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