Gotta love the killer traps


Well, technically, a reverse trap. And of course, she’s my favorite character.

Just started reading Seikon no Qwaser (still on chapter 7). The guys who made this also made Mai-Otome Arashi, so I expected this to be pretty good (Arashi is one of my favorite mangas, there’s traps and reverse traps and pretty boys and good action and lots of comedy). I was a bit annoyed at the fanservice at first, but the story’s actually very interesting, with plenty of twists, turns, and blood. As an added bonus, the story focuses on a really cute shota.

The premise of the story: 2 best friends, Mafuyu and Tomo, are living in a dorm of a catholic school. They are bullied and abused, but life was still fine, until one day, an extremely cute 13 year old russian boy transfers into their class. Then, Mafuyu gets thrown into an attack of a musked stranger, wielding powers that can’t be described as anything but magic, and the aforementioned boy, Sasha, gets out a killer scythe out of nowhere and a fight begins. It’s a well used start, but I can almost guarantee that you’ll find it entertaining. And really, even if it wasn’t as good as it is I’d still read it, just because Sasha’s so cute~

47This is him in angry mode. He reminds me of someone, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…