Kimi ni Todoke 3: Moe bomb


Waaa…It’s really had luck that this series airs on Tuesdays. If I can’t watch it on Wednesday then I can’t get to it until late Friday…

And today was REALLY late because one of my best friends just celebrated her birthday and a bunch of stuff happened (including me meeting the only other person I had ever met that likes both Miku and F/SN and almost buying chocolate body paint for her, my friend, not the miku fan, that was a guy). And then  I talked about the chocolate body paint, causing a friend of my friend to blush like a tomato with Kazehaya type moeneses. A good sign that there are still too pure pure boys in this world. Thankfully. There are too many stupid racist narcissistic egoistical boys who have tunnel vision,think they can act older than they really are, and has brains filled with porn in this world.

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