Kimi ni Todoke 3: Moe bomb


Waaa…It’s really had luck that this series airs on Tuesdays. If I can’t watch it on Wednesday then I can’t get to it until late Friday…

And today was REALLY late because one of my best friends just celebrated her birthday and a bunch of stuff happened (including me meeting the only other person I had ever met that likes both Miku and F/SN and almost buying chocolate body paint for her, my friend, not the miku fan, that was a guy). And then  I talked about the chocolate body paint, causing a friend of my friend to blush like a tomato with Kazehaya type moeneses. A good sign that there are still too pure pure boys in this world. Thankfully. There are too many stupid racist narcissistic egoistical boys who have tunnel vision,think they can act older than they really are, and has brains filled with porn in this world.

That was post-related, right?vlcsnap-35020

First thing Sawako does in the morning: Say hello to her friends.

vlcsnap-35565I knew this would happen, but AWWW…She tries so hard, and she’s been looking forward to being able to say hello for so long… I am really, really happy that she can finally say it. I’ll say good morning to you too, Sawako!

vlcsnap-37030And of course, Kazehaya comes in with his man moe on full blast. See the sparkles? See the blushing? WHY OH WHY WON’T HE REALIZE THAT SHE’S BLUSHING?!?!?

vlcsnap-40335The other good thing about Kazehaya other than the fact that he’s a moe blob of epic proportions: he drags people in to stuff. I am REALLY happy that Kimi ni todoke is the way that it is. If this was cat street or something, Domeki Ryuu would end up as a love rival and the whole going back and forth thing would annoyingly continue on to infinity…

vlcsnap-41413Aww… See how happy Sawako is at all the “hello”-ing? I don’t care about how cold Domeki Ryuu is supposed to be, I WON’T forgive him for not remembering Sawako!

vlcsnap-58592How could ANYONE have been scared of this face?


But really, it’s cute how he’s asking Sawako to name the puppy. I feel a sudden foreboding in that the puppy is going to have  a VERY strange name…

vlcsnap-60588Look at him! Messing with his bangs…blushing on so slightly… I only wish I can enjoy his moeness in peace, people around me keeps interrupting!

vlcsnap-61836Pedro Martínez


Thisnew teacher seems to be really funny though. With a name like Pin, hair like goku,  and the habit of calling himself “Ore-sama”, there’s no going wrong!



NO! My puppy’s still cuter! I must remain faithful to Coby, no matter how cute Maru-chan is!



Words fail to describe Kazehaya. The closest I can think of is a moe nuclear bomb, and I think even that isn’t enough.


How come the girls are only whispering at a chance with the two of them being in a relationship? Is every gossiping girl in that school BLIND? Even the TEACHER noticed!

vlcsnap-87727Really, did the school pump in blinding gas or something?

Note to self: MUST GET THE SOUNDTRACK, the piano piece playing in this scene was beautiful.


And then Kazehaya tells Sawako that he changed because of her after Sawako manages to talk with 2 of her classmates. Hohoho…I wonder what exactly was changed…Kana? Kana?

vlcsnap-93910Someone drag that girl out of there, I don’t want anyone to overhear and ruin the adorable moment! I don’t like suspense when it comes to love triangles, I’ve read too many shoujo series like parfait tic and if there’s going to be a love triangle I want it to be over as soon as possible so that Hirano Aya can go home and practice her Katja voice (I’m really scared about how the Seikon no Qwaser anime is going to turn out).


It was halirious seeing Sawako mistake Kazehaya’s note for her for someone else.

But the focus is on how the two of them can be so happy from such a tiny thing. It’s “Kya”-worthy.


Okay, why is the music so happy when this girl showed up? Why is there sparkles? WHY does she act nice? That’s like putting ketchup on dumplings! No matter how strong the ketchup is, the dumpling WILL reveal its true flavor, so why not skip the ketchup? You’re getting my hopes up and I already know the type of girl this one is going to be. I’ve seen her in Good morning call, kare kano and around a hundred other shoujo manga I’ve read before.



My puppy is exactly like that. Unless he hasn’t seen me for a couple hours or something, he tries really hard to focus on food rather than me. If some bandit holding a bone showed up he’d be too busy gnawing on the bone to do anything else. And he always walks in front of me, leading the way, and occationally glancing back at me to make sure I’m following him. Sometimes I feel like I’m not the owner…


I like how everyone’s surprised at how Sawako’s a good teacher.


And I love how everyone’s so surprised that Sawako smiled. 


Even though this whole special effects thing is still ugly looking. It’s sawako’s SMILE! Why oh why do you people try so hard to make her look bad?



See? Completely normal looking, and MUCH better. Why pink-fy and sparkl-fy Sawako when she doesn’t need it?

 Doesn’t this make you feel like a big bunch of jet-puffed marshmellows? And of course, the scene gets better by Kazehaya wanting to keep her smile all to himself~

Then the bitchy girl had to go and ruin it all by spreading rumurs that Sawako spread rumurs about her friends (okay, okay, I admit that we don’t know if it was that girl yet, but I’ve read too much shoujo manga to think it was any other person). GRRRR!! Why can’t she just let me have my happy fluffy moment? I want to burn her with blue fire!


14 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke 3: Moe bomb

  1. FFFFFF-

    I needa thank you for blogging ’bout this. I remember reading it on OneManga a hell of a long time ago, but then I forgot it. AND NOW I FOUND IT AGAIN.


  2. Then the jealous rival girl will realize that Sawako is really a nice person, feel guilty about her actions and become a good friend. It’s a vicious cycle.

  3. I think Pedro Martinez is a filthy ungrateful cur for not reciprocating Sawako’s love. French Doll-san is a most insipid devil, pretty on the outside but utterly lacking within, she” get fixed…eventually.

    I personally cannot wait for Kazehaya to shoot her down.

  4. I really don’t mind the sparkles surrounding Sawako I think that the sparkles represents how Kazehaya feels on the inside about her, it represents those confusing and unexplained emotions of first love.

  5. i’m not going to lay quick judgement on that other girl. i know she’s the antagonist, but there’s probably more to her that’s lovable about her.

    i wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up with her and Ryuu in the end. She’s too cute herself to be denied!

  6. I’d recommend it, and that’s from someone who generally doesn’t read much shoujo due to personal distate. It ranks along with Akuma to Love Song as one of the few shoujo that break free of typical barriers and make them worth reading.

    Course, no shoujo trumps Furuba.

  7. randomness:

    I’m restarting my life to be nice to my old friends. Operation: “suck-up-to-my-old-classmate-that-i-didn’t-get-along-with-to-get-an-Emma-Watson-signature-because-they-sit-at-the-same-lunch-table” now in action!

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