Kimi ni Todoke 4: shocking dads

vlcsnap-29973It’s that time of the week again! And I’m not that late this time~ (YESSSSSS!)

vlcsnap-31300Now read on if you want to know why Sawako’s parents look so shocked.


Yes, it’s that long stand law of shoujo manga that is never broken: There’s no such thing as a girl in love without flowers and/or sparkles. I don’t know why all this glittery stuff looks good around Sawako, but it works, and her father’s reaction to the possibility that she might be in love was funny. In fact, curiously enough, it reminded me of that one chapter in Sailor moon. Usagi had asked her father to set her crystal into a necklace, and he jokingly asked her if that crystal was from a boyfriend. She gave a vague answer (and those of you familiar with the series might remember that she had discovered the crystal only after Mamoru took a shot to the heart to protect her, therefore it was quite true that she got it from her lover).And of course, her father practically died on the spot.

What do you mean none of you care about that? Sailor moon’s an important piece of shoujo manga history!


This is yet another seemingly unbreakable law. How come all bathwater is green? Is the Japanese fresh water supply suffering from an algae breakout? Or are they all bathing in tea?

Anyway, it’s really cute seeing Sawako being so happy with her friends. Speaking of which…

vlcsnap-70893“Good job” needs to go out to our rumor victims. I praise you for not falling in to the usual shoujo traps!


I mean, look at her! She just spend a night preparing some notes to help her friends pass a test. What kind of moron would think she ever had ill intent for ANYBODY, let alone the will to pass along rumors about people? If I didn’t know any better I’d think she was trying to confess her love or something.


I agree whole heartedly.


I agree 300%ly.



Sorry, couldn’t help myself. It’s not my fault that so many characters has the same names.


Really? From the way he acts I wouldn’t be surprised if he was drinking every hour.

But really, why are you telling Kazehaya about your drunken hallucinations? Sure, they’re hilarious, but Sawako’s getting worried here!


By the way…

CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ - 14 - Large 36

I’m not the only one who thinks this looks similar, am I?

Ah, but that’s not the point of this post (which has gotten rather random?).The point if the sparkles tha-


Okay, never mind. Nothing else matters now. Sawako can wait for a couple of hours, I want more Pin. And that suspicious blushing on Kazehaya’s fact…he…he…he…


HE’S NOT DENYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yet ANOTHER reason that KnT is awesome. See the mangaka, she’s psychic. She KNEW that by the time this episode airs, people around the world would be disappointed at the lack of Hei’s collarbones (speaking of which, that naked scene? very, VERY odd).

Yes. Kazehaya’s bare forehead has the moe potential as Kotomi’s sitting turn (which is slightly ironic, seeing as Kotomi and Sawako has the same voice actress).


vlcsnap-84373Guy or girl, you must be dying from the moe overdose by now.

“His forehead…I-I want to see it again.”

Ah, Sawako! You have voiced the thoughts of countless fangirls across the world! I DEMAND more forehead exposure! MORE!MORE!MORE!


What part of MORE do you not understand? Dear director of KnT, PLEASE stop it with all this teasing, would you?

And of course, Kazehaya being too embarrassed to look at Sawako after what Pin said it too adorable. That’s him all right, moe even without the sparkles.


Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no no no no no no NO!

This is a shoujo series! Whenever anyone says anything misleading someone that shouldn’t hear ALWAYS hears!

vlcsnap-91422Such as this instance.

The casual viewer stumbling on to this might think they’re lesbians.

And the people who are following this in a cult like fashion is agonizing at how there’s yet ANOTHER misunderstanding present. Sawako loves you! Don’t worry about the little things! Don’t doubt yourselves!


I’d like to see that one day…Sawako in witch mode…



Now that’s what I call a powerful scene. There was no dialogue, nothing fancy, but that swelling orchestral music, that simple action…It’s okay, Sawako, your turmoil is going to end soon! We’re going to drag out the HIrano french doll and roast her whole!


Ah, the angst! Wait, is this angst? No matter what, Sawako really DID say the worst thing at the worst moment. That piano piece playing right after this scene was very, very powerful. I am getting that soundtrack even if I have to kill someone in the process.


Argg, this is making me cry. I can’t believe the extent Sawako is willing to go in order to “help” other people the only way she knows how. This episode was absolutely fantastic, and when the 300% fitting ending song came along I realized that this is possibly the best anime I’ve ever seen. The next episode is named “determination” and involves a teary scene between Kazehaya and Sawako. Oh, next Tuesday just can’t come fast enough.


6 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke 4: shocking dads

  1. TNH: Because he’s more moe with his lock of hair up. XD

    I was also glad when Yano and Yoshida weren’t just taaaaaken in by the rumors, and that Sawako’s inability to express herself properly yet is partly at fault. Well, not exactly glad at the latter, but it made the plot seem deeper. Or something.

  2. Yano and Yoshida made me so happy for not falling for the rumor crap when I read the manga.

    One of the joys I’m getting out of this is seeing those two animated, they are awesome.

  3. What anime is this from? What is the story line? What genre is this? Is it a romance or something? I MUST KNOW!
    -Yours truly,
    The anime addix XD

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