Kikokugai -the cyber slayer-

untitledThere was one very simple man. He was a trained assassin, but what he cared about wasn’t killing people, but his beautiful and loving younger sister. By some cruel twist of fate, the 2 got separated, and the sister was killed. However, her soul was split into 5 parts, stored in different places, and we follow the brother’s desperate quest to “save” his sister from a deranged man.

Kikokugai will seem very familiar to many people who have played Saya no Uta. It’s the same writer, the sam artist, the same musician, the same short but addicting story, shocking plot twists, creepy loli, and two lovers that are rejected by the world. This story was made long before Saya no Uta, however, and I have to say that the art and the music both pale in comparasion to the later work. That said, I see absolutely no reason to skip this work. Even those who have no time will find no excuse, as this can be easily finished in a few hours. There is currently a translation in progress, and I’d recommend everyone to go and check it out. Yes, they don’t have a translator yet, but one can always hope, right?