Kana -littie sister- impressions/review(?)

Yes, yes, I’m a few years late in doing this.

Kana -little sister- was famous in its time. When this came out in 2002, well, it was like no other English eroge. Just think, what else was out at that time? “Do you like horny bunnies”? (excuse me, I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth). So, everywhere I went, there were people who were just in love with it, and apparently grown men were crying in front of their computers. Curious, I downloaded a copy off of the internet (there was no other way for me to get such a game all those years ago).

I got 3 endings, didn’t cry, got bored, then deleted the game and went to check if the new Naruto chapter was out yet.

Life has now taught me that there are somethings that you can only appreciate after reaching a certain age (I didn’t like Byousoku 5cm the first time I watched it either, now it’s one of my favorite movies of all time, right next to the Titanic and The Color Purple). So, without really considering why, I went ahead, dug up the old CD, and installed it again (on hindsight, it may have been because I wanted more stuff from Romeo after Cross Channel).

I got the other 3 endings, still didn’t cry, but can now proudly justify my disappointment in the game.

The art was very good at times but inconsistent, the music might have been good 10 years ago but I don’t like it, the programming was minimal but easy to use. The story was good, it was very interesting, there were so many emotions and themes behind the words and you’re never bored (which is not something I can say about the last game I played). However, it was missing something, mainly that tear jerking quality that people keep talking about. Now, it is very easy to make a hormonal girl cry, in fact, I cry during commercials (I also bawled during Clannad, Glee, Gurren Lagann, Air, the Eureka7 movie, toradora, etc, etc). But, like Kanon, Kana managed to get some sympathy out of me but little else. Now, that normally wouldn’t be a problem, but if being tear jerking is something that is mentioned by pretty much EVERYONE who played the game, I feel justified in feeling let down by the lack of emotions it managed to stir up.

From what I can tell, Kana suffers from what I call the “Memories off syndrom”. Too many people remember this as that amazing experience years ago, and while it is good, I don’t feel like it’s worth all the hype (and tears) around it.

I died

Okay, I DIDN’T die, but Gift crashed and died on me today. Relentlessflame had the same problem, but I was kind of hoping that it wouldn’t happen to me. Unfortunately, it did, and I’m returning the iTouch to my friend tomorrow (I guess I’m just not destined to play this game). Anyway, this is unfortunate, because the drama just started, and the story’s quite interesting (I laughed really, really hard when the main character dressed up as a girl and almost won a beauty contest). Anyway, I might try to finish this game if I ever get the chance, but it’s sengoku rance for now (Kana little sister if I can’t get past the battles, and Memories off 2nd if I finish Kana, then Scarlett, 12Riven, and other stuff).

So…yeah, don’t expect a post from me until I get through my backlog of games, ciao~

Gift on the iTouch/iPhone, first impressions

2-02aA few days ago, a rich friend of mine got Gift for his iTouch and lend the thing to me for the weekend. I have spent a couple of hours on it. It lags, it’s slice of life on top of slice of life, it took me over 5 hours to get through the prologue and it feels like the rest of it is going to take me until the end of the year (not even F/SN’s prologue took me that long). Also, the translation feels like a 12 year old guy from Singapore using babelfish. Even with my absolutely rudimentary understanding of Japanese I can tell there are mistakes within the translation, in fact, you don’t even need to know Japanese to see the mistakes.

It’s not just the grammar, which is horrendous, by the way. For some reason, our protagonist is sometimes called a “Jolly dog”, and when his besi friend says “Amami-kun”, the text says “Dengkai”. The characters will often say things like “half a jiffy”, a dojo is somehow a “stable of kendo”, manga is “animation book” while shoujo manga is “lady comic”, and there are sometimes random lines of code. Let’s also remember the spelling mistakes (there has been every mistake from November to Gundam). The writer loves to use the word “Nuts”, and uses it ib the place of “what?”, “What the hell is that?”, “really?”, “NO!”, “too bad”, and “that’s not right”. And I’m always left wondering what the characters are really saying when they ramble on for half a minute with only 1 short sentence on the screen (the voice says “That’s not all it is”, the text says “And,”).  Girls are often called “he”, and vice versa. There has been many cases where I guessed more of the meaning from the character’s voices than the test itself because it’s so bad.

And did I mention that it LAGS?

The music is generic and the art is generic (see the above CG? They’re so cheap that they didn’t even bother to draw the background or use any interesting angles). The whole thing seems like it was ripped off from Da capo, and staring at a small screen puts a big toll on my eyes.

After going through too much Memories off, I am just sick and tired of happy slice of life, especially one where I have to read “I am thinking of free task of summer vacation” or “Now I should often memo for it” WHILE the words don’t match the character’s voice or expression.

But I feel had at asking the friend to get the game, and then not going anything. And I’ve read that this has a yandere in it. If the story’s actually good, I can always wait for the Chinese translation (which has already started by a translation group, it won’t strain my eyes, PLUS it won’t have all the translation mistakes, PLUS it won’t lag, PLUS there are more save slots in the PC game). So, any advice? Should I continue on with Gift or not? Is it worth playing on the iTouch? Is it worth waiting for a translation that might never come out?

Meanwhile, I’ll try to finish Kana little sister (finished the first 3 endings when it first came out but then got bored and deleted it, starting it again because I felt like it).

Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita review

2Released in 2007 by Pajamas Soft, ピアノの森の満開の下 (under the blossoming forest of piano), is a cute little story about love set in Japan a few decades ago.


Ryutaro cares about his younger sister Sakuno more than anything else in the world. But, she has an incurable sickness eating away at her. When the doctor announces that she only has a week left to live, he takes her to a sanitarium with some mysterious tickets, seeing it as her last hope. Upon arriving at the secluded building, tucked away in the mountains, they are greeted by Konohana, the nurse in charge and the only human nearby. With only seven days left, just what can happen? Just what can be done? Continue reading