Want something addicting?

Get OSU. It’s easy. Download Osu, download your favorite songs from its beatmap selection, load it, and start clicking away to the music!

It’s good for enjoying music, developing your reaction time, aiding your sense of rhythm, and don’t forget that it’s addicting as hell. Of course, unless you’re some kind of genius straight out of Medaka Box, you’re going to fail again, and again, and again, and again, and again, etc. etc. etc. If you happen to have an ipod touch, this is compatible and a perfect to waste your commuting time. I just wasted 6 and a half hours on this thing and I still love it.


In other words, this is really fun but STAY AWAY IF YOU WANT A HEALTHY, BALANCED LIFE!

But hey, if you’re reading this blog regularly there’s already no hope for you, so click away, my friend, and may the beat be with you!


6 thoughts on “Want something addicting?

  1. Looks like a fun Stepmania alternative, especially since I’ve never even played the DS game. I’d already addicted to (and trying to learn) Beatmania IIDX, but I might give this a shot when I get tired.

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