2007081202135044THE FULL PATCH IS OUT, PEOPLE! Whew, that was FAST. AND, the good translation people will be translating a chapter from the fandisc (YAY!). Listen to me, this is one of the greatest eroges ever made. It is EPIC, it is AWESOME, and you can read about me ranting more here. AND, on top of that, this means that there will be more progress on G-senjou (Neko said that it would a while ago, and I’m crossing my fingers that she’s right). There’s a 98.9% chance that it’s going to be the same translators from Sharin, going J to E (which means I’m next to useless), and with any luck another patch will be out before Christmas.

If you have any trust in my tastes at all, you WILL go and play Sharin no Kuni, I highly doubt that you will be disappointed with it.

P.S.: Thanks for the heads-up, A_V!


6 thoughts on “OMGOMGOMG SHARIN NO KUNI~!!!!!!!!

  1. If you are referring to Hozuki’s chapter, then I am sold. That’s really the meat of the fandisk, knowing Hozuki’s past.

    • I second that. Wakamoto’s chapter’s like a black forest chiffon cake with fresh whipped cream compared to the chocolate pudding that is the girl’s stories.

  2. “(which means I’m next to useless)”

    Don’t be so harsh on yourself regarding G-Sen, Choux. I really appreciate what you did and I truly admire that you were faithful till the end. You deserve a huge ‘Thank You’ for that. 😉

    And yes Sharin is indeed great.

  3. Porbably the best executed visual novel I have ever played. Seems like I’ll finally be able to play the fandisc with something other than my shitty kana skills and ATLAS

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