I had excuses

vlcsnap-50587For not watching Seitokai no Ichizon, such as no plot, loli lead, crap art, references I won’t get and crap art. But after the neurotic insistence on the part of Elise-hime, I have decided to start watching it.

vlcsnap-53895And while it’s funny, I am currently very much annoyed at how the guy says bishoujo games but eclipse says h-games. There is a difference! Bishoujo games CAN be for all ages! One of the most popular franchises, Toheart, had a sequel which was even more popular. But it was for ALL AGES. Technically, the games for Mai-hime and Code-geass can also be called bishoujo games, but they certainly do NOT contain any material that would give it an 18+rating. This is inducing a false prejudice against the guy!

Believe it or not, I actually know a guy that declared to me that he wants to be the lead of a harem (there was a lot of irony involving that situation, the least of which was the fact that I became honorary member#1. Yes, I AM a girl). Of course, that certain person (who I will now call M, because he wore glasses), was nothing like our dear Ken, who rants and teases, but M WAS really smart, and then there was that

vlcsnap-58891YAYYY YANDERE!

Sorry, I’m kind of typing this as I go along, so this is really quite random, and


Anyone who parodies anything that Ryukishi07 touches is good. Speaking of which, that story he wrote about that wolf god is coming out soon, can’t wait! Now, what was I talking about? Oh, right, the harem


It’s sad that I laughed at that, because I never go for the harem endings. Having an harem ending suggests that the game was selling not for strength in story but on the moe appeal of the characters and most of the time if there IS an harem ending the game’s not worth playing. You have failed me, Sugisaki…after all the hope I had in you…

…I forgot what I was going to say……

vlcsnap-63695…and a toilet seat cover.

vlcsnap-64606Once again, I ask of you to hold your sense of disbelief, but I actually know a loli who NEVER gains weight, despite eating like she has a black hole for a stomach. I also know a girl who’s exactly 1 centimeter taller than that lesbian from Maria-holic. Yes, I know, I know some odd people.

vlcsnap-69648But none as odd as him and I sincerely hope that I never meet him in real life, no matter HOW halirious he is.

vlcsnap-70609Personally, I’d also start with Mafuyu, but because I’d want to get it over with and get a taste of the quality of the story, not because she’s the easiest to get. Typically, these derederefluffly characters get really annoying really fast. (Crossing my fingers and hoping for less screen time here).

vlcsnap-75885Okay, I take that back. I am deeply indebted to those walk through makers on the internet, as they have helped my with so much (despite being sometimes unreliable, as was the case with Yume no Tsubasa, which doesn’t really matter because it was a piece of crap anyway). Now, Sugisaki just fell even lower in my opinion. Leaving cute gamers like Moi stranded without a walkthrough? I bite my thumb at you, vile swine!

Oh, you’re asking about my impressions? I don’t care if you weren’t. My thoughts are that this series is adorable and funny, and I will certainly keep watching, even




4 thoughts on “I had excuses

  1. Chizuru is more like a kuudere. Even then, she might not even fit the archetype if she doesn’t have any fundamental internal weaknesses.

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