vlcsnap-218043When I first saw this, I realized that the writers have no idea what they’re doing. You don’t even need the years of french classes I had to understand that they’re just throwing random words in there even though the words do nothing to suit the situation whatsoever.

vlcsnap-218224Of course, then I noticed that the girl actually had a chest, so I thought that either I was dreaming or this was an alternate reality where the proper use of French had no importance whatsoever. vlcsnap-355344Of course, that PALES in importance to the fact that, believe it or not, our protagonist is unbelievably KIND! What’s the importance of that you ask? Why, just think of every single harem you’ve ever read/watched, what’s the main character’s most important quality? The fact that he’s KIND. In the 2-D world, if you’re unbelievably KIND to girls, you’ll end up with a harem sooner or later, so I guess that his dream of having a dream isn’t that far in the future? I guess?

Of course, THAT pales in importance to…drum roll please…



And OF COURSE, that pales in importance to…wait for it…

vlcsnap-363212The FIRST BISHI of the series, with Nisio Isin-like narration!

I was absolutely shocked and amazed. But NOTHING would compare to what was to come next. This stuff is funnier than the ranting priest in Maria Holic, funnier than the misunderstandings of the artistic genius in Kannagi, and absolutely as funny as KYOU AND TOMOYO LOCKED IN THE GYM SHED. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about…


No, you won't explain. It's better if you just distracted him with your body~




I love how uke he is~






Oh god, when he SAID that! It’s…just…SO AWKWARD that I just had to laugh. In fact, I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. If I didn’t have carpet I would be nursing some serious bruises right now. This is even funnier for me because I’m pretty much the anti-fujoshi, and when friends are squealing about yaoi I’m going on line to see if the new chapter of Airgear is out. So when something as DELICIOUS as this comes on…well…I am just crying inside about how BL in a harem anime is more interesting than actual BL.


Seriously, I’m laughing so hard right now I can barely breathe. Really, is this series for guys or for girls?


I know that I was complaining about her a few episodes ago, but Mafuyu is made of so many levels of awesome.


And our dear protagonist is also rising in my books. To be able to write this stuff…hohoho…

vlcsnap-375132But that PALES IN COMPARISON TO THIS! THIS!

vlcsnap-375542OH WOW.

That is the most adorable shouta I’ve seen since Kuroshitsuji. I DEMAND a fushoji-oriented spin off, NOW!

vlcsnap-377261Okay, studio deen, I have now forgiven you for the way that you ruined Full moon wo sagashite, Fruits basket, and Fate/stay night. If you let Nakameguro show up again I’ll worship you more than Kyoani.

vlcsnap-379702That reminds me, only a few weeks before Seikon no Qwaser airs~

vlcsnap-380716And the translation for The end of the golden witch is STILL at 50%.


SERIOUSLY, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I START WATCHING THIS THING EARLIER? Chizuru’s mind washing is just made of awesome, and I love how she instills fear into everyone.

vlcsnap-382709Damn it, I was hoping for him to be naked. And his delusions…I think that it’s a serious blow to my femininity that I’ve actually know multiple eroges involving all of his scenarios…

vlcsnap-399756That, and the fact that I seriously enjoyed Strike witches.

vlcsnap-400563Seriously, why are they not getting sued?How can they not get sued? Hmm…if Gonzo didn’t give permission and sued them they just might…Oh, what am I talking about? Studio deen NEVER has money!

vlcsnap-402249Is dengeki supporting this series?

How on earth did she make a video game so fast?

Why isn’t she checking the game scripts?

All these questions…I’m more curious about them than about how Gibbs for Kelly out of his basement (yes, I actually do watch American shows on a regular basis).

vlcsnap-405412OUTSIDE? They are ACTUALLY doing something OUTSIDE? Unpossible!

And they shot that video with sunset scenes and rain scenes! That’s even more UNPOSSIBLE!


Ah…that was refreshing…

P.S.: the lyrics of the opening song really has nothing to do with the series, does it?


3 thoughts on “…too…much…

  1. Hahaha! Seitokai never fails to make me laugh everytime I watch it.

    Of course, there’s the issue of the parodies being too obvious, but I doubt any studios really care about that anyway xD. It just serves to promote their own series more!

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