Memories off 1, Yue

1st_2-01:恋予報Memories off is KID’s trademark series, along side the infinity franchise (never7, ever17, remember11, 12riven, etc). Now, as you know, I have played and enjoyed the fourth and fifth games. And as you also know, I spend a good deal of time on various Chinese forums. Whenever I come across Memories off I see nothing but praise, especially for the original game. In fact, I’m pretty sure that memories off has a higher place in Chinese otaku’s hearts that Kanon or Tokimeki memorial. But, I haven’t played it. Why? Because the art is crappy (I do not and will never like Sasaki Mutsumi) and the music isn’t much better (I do not and will never like Takeshi Abo). However, I thought that I’ve put it off for long enough, and installed it on to my computer.

I was disappointed. There was too much slice of life, too much comedy that isn’t to my tastes, too much angst that never gets anywhere, and not enough of the fluffy romance or edge of the seat drama, which is what I’m playing it for.

MO compare 2

Left: improved version for MO Duet; Right: The one I'm stuck with

Throw on top of that the ugly and minimal programming and the fact that I have the early version, before they fixed much of the mistakes in art, and I have, on my hands, disappointment on a CD. I am now going to try 1 more story. If that still doesn’t work out I’m just going to delete this game from my computer and never think about it again.

…Sigh…this is why I don’t like to play old games…


9 thoughts on “Memories off 1, Yue

  1. My best guess is probably Memories Off was the first visual novel to be localized in China? I know there are times when people would let nostalgia overshadow the actual quality of the game

    Right now, the only un-played KID game left I am still willing to give the benefit of doubt would be 12Riven. I tried playing it but damn, once again T-Time did a horrible job on the programming. That thing runs slower than a snail on depressants on my computer!

    • SAME HERE. And here I thought that nothing could get worse than remember11…
      I’m also thinking that nostalgia’s too heavy a factor here. People seem to love the KID games so much, but I found things like Close to and Yume no tsubasa to be a complete bore. I got Yukihonta by mistake, then ended up loving it, so I guess I always had this expectation for it…
      A friend of mine had also played 12Riven (I tried to play but gave up), and she said it was so-so, so now I’m really hesitant…

      • 雪莹 was a little side story for MO 2nd and how the main heroine and main character met, told from the girl’s perspective. It’s really cute. It’s really small and cam be downloaded as a standalone.

  2. Hmm, I never got to play the games, but I watched the OVAs. The first OVA (based on the game you’ve described here in this post) was interesting that it consisted of 3 one-shot “what if” scenarios paring the protagonist with a different girl. The 2nd OVA (based on Memories Off 2; in fact it was the first OVA of the franchise I got to watch) was my overall favorite since it was a full story dedicated to one paring. The subsequent OVAs (Memories Off 5.xx) were a bit okay but rather short and not having as much depth as MO 2.

  3. >…Sigh…this is why I don’t like to play old games…
    I hope you will still play YU-NO’s translation whenever we are done with it in the far future, because despite being old, it’s actually still pretty after a few hours (significantly better than umineko and some other commercial eroges nowadays), and you should read it for the story because it’s just godly.

    There are many other older eroges really awesome, please don’t generalize them so inconsiderately. 😉

    • No, what I meant is that people tend to think the past is better than the present and say that older things are better than they really are. So when I actually get to them I’m bitterly disappointed. I will play YU-NO if it ever comes out because it actually does seem really interesting.

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