Underwear in the zoo…


Oh crap.

I was never the greatest supporter of Miyoshi, but she’s growing on me. I used to have no sympathy whatsoever for Aoki but seeing Nakai and their relationship really made me like her (well, him more than her). And then, this absolutely adorable relationship starts stemming between Aoki and Akito! Argh! She’s completely in deredere mode and it’s so cute I feel like chocking someone. And THEN Ohba Tsugumi had to mess with us readers even more by throwing in this, this, THIS, I don’t even know what to call it.

I know that Akito will get rid of Iwase one way or another, but what about his girlfriend? What will happen to Aoki? I really want her to reject that creepy editor of hers and realize her own feelings, whether it’s for Akito or Nakai (of course, I’m rooting for Nakai, but being with Akito at this point seems more realistic). AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I want the next chapter!


5 thoughts on “Underwear in the zoo…

  1. Nakai seems more interested in that new assistant now than Aoki, I think.

    The man’s probably less interested in an actual relationship than he is just trying to get lucky with a girl.

    • That’s why I said Akito was more realistic. But that’s the sad part. Now, if this was a shoujo manga we’d have Aoki go back to him, only to find him with that other girl, leading her to pour her heart out to Akito, causing a misunderstanding with Miyoshi, who told Miho, who told Mashiro, who-well, it just goes on. And on, and on. Thankfully Bakuman’s target audience doesn’t have the long memory storage for that stuff. I’m hoping for this to be resolved pretty quickly.

      • If this was a shoujo manga, Nakai would also be about several pounds lighter.

        There’s probably going to be a misunderstanding with Miyoshi anyway considering just how they’re skirting around this issue when she’s there. Takagi should be more genre-savvy when it comes to these things.

  2. it’s amazing this is compared to shoujo manga.

    but honestly, i wouldn’t have bakuman written any other way, the way it’s written is what makes it unique. If it just give what the fan desires, it’ll be like every other manga.

    whatever direction the writer is going for, i’m completely supportive of it. i mean afterall, the author DID manage to write Death Note, anything else written can’t be bad.

    • Death Note wasn’t worth they hype. Furthermore, just because someone wrote one good work doesn’t really mean that future works will be good. Plus, being supportive for any direction is sorta blind faith. Which is rarely a good thing.

      Also, who’s to say what a fan desires? I desire stupid angst that’s not drawn out. And guess what? Bakuman gave that to me. Does that mean it’s like every other manga out there by the virtue of that? Desires are a very subjective matter, you know?

      When you say you wouldn’t have Bakuman written any other way, isn’t that giving it what you, the fan, wants? And doesn’t that make it lose its uniqueness?

      That said, I do love Bakuman. Though it has given me the belief that anything that transforms into a battle manga is a result of low ratings or writer’s block. Kinda like Medaka Box. Whacky is one thing, fucking stupid is another.

      I’ve never liked the character of Nakai, but that’s just because I’ve never really like characters who try that hard to get in a relationship in ‘the name of love’.

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