What to do…

what do to

I finally got a long break to work on stuff, but there’s too much, and I only get 5 days (school district’s out of money, so there’s a break from Remembrance day to Sunday. You won’t BELIEVE how much money it costs to run a school for a day). But I want to play games! I want to finish the lineart for Sepia tears! I want conecpt drawings for Fuyu-maiden’s project! I want to re-draw Impz for Lolikitsune! I want to watch Canaan, Haibane Renmei, and cross game! I want to catch up to manga! I want to draw!

Too much stuff…too little time…


10 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. lol SO MUCH TO DO!! OMG YOU guys get 5 days off =.=!!!!! thats wild!!!!!!! ive never heard of school closed because of the finances…=.=|||!! and i like the color of the first picture, the pose of the second picture, and the angle of the third picture, so finished them……! i see why you dont have time to draw..=.=!! youre too caught up in watching and catching up the animes! =v= but at least now i know ur blog…so im gonna come and bug you often….

    • 这位小姐表情很丰富嘛。。。I’m really happy that it’s you, even though I didn’t notice that it was you before I saw your email (the thingy looks really different in Chinese, doesn’t it?)
      I’ll finish them if you help me (kind of stuck).

  2. Wow your lucky, getting 5 days off >.> your school doesn’t have enough money? whoa how is that possible? xD , you should draw and then watch anime and then manga~

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