Kisame the beast with no tail (Naruto 472)


So the wonder twins Kisame and Samehada activate their powers, form of SHARK!  Who ever would have guessed -_-

Okay, okay sarcasm aside, nothing really goes on this chapter except for the continued battle between Kisame and Killerbee. Killerbee levels up and strikes a definitive looking blow on Kisame, only sharkface isn’t so down and out.

He converts his oponents chakra to increase his own stamina, as they become weaker by wasting their chakra on him, he becomes proportionally stronger by absorbing said chakra. Which is why they call him the beast with no tail.

Destroying Samehada may well be the only way to defeat him, which might be difficult, seeing as he has merged with the sword and taken a new form…

Keh! So apparently Pain wasn’t the only ridiculously strong one, seriously if they are this damn badass why the hell do they even need to be part of Akatsuki.

Also if they are this strong and they let Madara run them, then how ridiculously powerful must he be, in which case, what hope can Naruto and Sasuke have of defeating him?


5 thoughts on “Kisame the beast with no tail (Naruto 472)

  1. Naruto just gets freakier…

    What happened to the ninja deal? With all that flashy “non-uniforms” everyone wore in the chunin exam already got on my nerves, this juts gets farther and farther from ninja.

    Why can’t Naruto just stop saying “ore no nin dou”, it’s not even way of the ninja anymore, just say it’s his path to becoming an overpowered super hero who can do everything non-ninja.

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